Two Great Import Ideas from a Reader

Features Concept on File Label in Multicolor Card Index. Closeup View. Selective Focus.

Yesterday, when I posted that Adobe would return to the previous Import workflow, one of our readers here, Matt O’Brien, had a really great suggestion for something to add to the Import window, and I thought it was worth sharing. He wrote:

“We need to be able to filter on import by:

1. File Type.
Mostly to import only raw or jpg, but I can see scenarios where you may want to only import psd, tiff, etc. If you are going to only edit your raw files why ask Lightroom to catelog and build previews for your small jpgs if you are not going to use them.

2. Allow filter by date.
This covers several common scenarios:

A. I forgot to format my card and have a previous session on the card, which I do not want to import or have already imported.
B. I may have multiple sessions on a single card on different dates and want to bring them into separate folders.

It is better to get files into the correct folders as early as possible in the workflow. Also better to filter out what is not needed and reduce the load o Lightroom.” — Matt O’Brien

I think both of those additions would be fantastic! (though for #1, I would want it for exactly the opposite reason — when I only want to import JPEGs for a fast edit, and leave the RAWs alone until later for archival purposes).

Anyway, I thought both of his ideas were spot on, and thought they were worth sharing.

My buddy Terry White (one of Adobe’s Worldwide Evangelists), had another great idea:  With so many new cameras now having Wi-fi built right in, it would be great to have a Wi-fi import feature. He’s right — why should you have to plug in a cable to import from a camera that already has built-in wi-fi? That would be a great add! (thanks, Terry!). 

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