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Here’s a few more links in the Lightroom/Photography realm that I thought were worth a quick look:

• If you’re into ring flash (or been wanting to get into it) there’s now a really affordable option. The Ray Flash by Expo Imaging. And the price has dropped to $199.

• Don’t forget I’m teaching the Lightroom 2 Live Seminar in Covington, KY on Friday (really, how could you forget – I keep reminding you!) so come on out and join me for the day.

• A very interesting video about the age old debate of film vs. digital.

• You may have heard me mention the real estate/interior photography go-to guys Thomas Grubba and Scott Hargis. Well they’ve got another Interior Lighting workshop coming up in Chicago this weekend and I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a full day work shop and, when I attended, I felt I got my money’s worth by lunch time.

• The Turning Gate has released an iPhone Portfolio gallery preset for Lightroom.

• And some inspiration for the day. Check out Michael Clark Photography. He’s got a great mix of sports and adventure photos with some beautiful portrait work as well.


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  1. I did check out the Covington Seminar! An excellent class taught at a good pace. I learned a lot and met some new friends as well.

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  2. Matt –

    Thanks for the plug on my website. Drop me an email if you get a chance.

    Cheers, Michael Clark

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  3. Hi Matt, Not sure if this is the right spot, but I do not see another way of contacting you, so… I have a question about selecting photos and assigning keywords or ratings or flags. What I would expect is that you can select multiple photos from the filmstrip and then enter a keyworde to assign that to all selected photos. Or apply the same flag or rating to the selected ones. It (lightroom) only assigns that to the one “really selected” photo, where your sursor was on, and not to the other ones. Is there an easy way to do (something like) this? Thanks a lot!

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  4. Well when I first saw how big the prints ( film V digital) were to be I thought it wouldn’t be at all valid. I was quite surprised in the result. I picked the wrong one. Thanks Matt, very instructive.

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  5. Hi Matt,

    I am very interested in the lightroom seminar in KY Friday but had a few questions. How basic is this going to be? I have been using LR for about 6 months now and can find my way around each module pretty easily. I have read scott’s book too……..Do you think the seminar will be a little too basis or will it be beneficial? Please email if you can! Thanks!

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  6. Film vs Digital. Must see video. Great.

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  7. There’s a cheaper knock off of the Ray Flash, The Saturn Flash, but I’m scared to try it. Has anyone else seen it in use?

    It’s at least nice the Ray Flash is trying to compete with Orbis.

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