Weekly Worth-a-click

Here’s a few more links in the Lightroom/Photography realm that I thought were worth a quick look:

• If you’re into ring flash (or been wanting to get into it) there’s now a really affordable option. The Ray Flash by Expo Imaging. And the price has dropped to $199.

• Don’t forget I’m teaching the Lightroom 2 Live Seminar in Covington, KY on Friday (really, how could you forget – I keep reminding you!) so come on out and join me for the day.

• A very interesting video about the age old debate of film vs. digital.

• You may have heard me mention the real estate/interior photography go-to guys Thomas Grubba and Scott Hargis. Well they’ve got another Interior Lighting workshop coming up in Chicago this weekend and I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a full day work shop and, when I attended, I felt I got my money’s worth by lunch time.

• The Turning Gate has released an iPhone Portfolio gallery preset for Lightroom.

• And some inspiration for the day. Check out Michael Clark Photography. He’s got a great mix of sports and adventure photos with some beautiful portrait work as well.