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Presets – Max Payne Movie Style

Howdy folks. I hope you had a great weekend – I know I did. I’m gearing up for the Lightroom 2 Live Tour in Covington, KY this Friday so make sure you come out and see me if you’re in the area. Now, on to the presets. I was watching the NFL playoff games yesterday and saw a commercial for the upcoming DVD release of the Max Payne movie. I caught a quick glimpse of a neat effect that I quickly tried to replicate in Lightroom. It’s basically all red. At first it looked really weird but I tweaked a few other settings as well as added some edge darkening (doesn’t every effect have that these days) and it turned out pretty cool. One word of caution though. This preset is meant for a very specific style of photo. Photos that have that edgier look and especially sports or senior portraits will probably benefit most from it. In other words, don’t try it on photos of small babies, warm family portraits or tiny kittens 🙂

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Max Payne Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets .



  1. Avangelist 30 January, 2009 at 16:41 Reply

    It is a nice wash effect.

    Must have gone to the loo at some point though because I watched that on Saturday and I don’t remember a single scene which was red gel’d

    Plenty of desaturation and heavy lighting but really don’t remember it being red..

  2. Mchen 19 January, 2009 at 16:05 Reply

    I’m new to LightRoom and I was wondering if there’s a way to automatically put all of LR’s catalogues on an external terabyte I have.

  3. Michael Warf 19 January, 2009 at 14:44 Reply

    I think I’ve got a new tool in my arsenal for military movie posters, boxing, and anger management classes. 🙂 Cool look. There were actually some great visuals in the movie as well.

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