Lightroom Tips

Tip – Press H to Hide the Adjustment Brush Pins

It’s Lightroom Seminar day for me and I’m gearing up for a big crowd here in Covington, KY. As I was getting ready I realized that it’s funny how tips come about. For example, the one I have for you today is something that I totally knew about months ago. As you can imagine though, with all the software we use there’s only so much room for tips and shortcuts. So as new things come into my head, my mind must just push the older ones to the back (that’s a fancy way of saying I just forget) 🙂 For example, I was using the Adjustment Brush the other day and thinking to myself how annoying it was to see those little pins. Especially, if I painted over some one’s eye because you can imagine how bad it looks to see one of those right smack in the middle of some one’s face. But I got over it pretty quick and didn’t really give it much thought until I was reading through the comments, and somebody had mentioned their pins just disappeared. Another blog reader jumped in and reminded them that they must have hit the letter H to hide the pins, and to just hit H again to show them. It seems like such a small thing, but since then I’ve found myself constantly using H with the Adjustment Brush (and Graduated filter too) to get rid of the pins. The only catch… don’t forget to hit H again or else one day, when your mind pushes newer tips to the front and older ones to the back of your mind (ie. you forget), you’ll be wondering where your Adjustment Brush pins went.

I hope you have a great weekend everyone. If you’re coming to the Lightroom seminar today make sure you stop by and say hi, OK. Take care!