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Video – Where to store your photos in LR?

Earlier today I got a call from a friend of mine. He’s a seasoned photographer that works for Nikon and he’s been in this business longer then I’ve been alive. He said to me: “Matt (since that’s my name)… where in the heck does Lightroom put the photos that I import and where should I be putting them?”. It hit me that if he has this question then what is everyone else out there thinking, right? Also, I must have received that question about 20 times last week during the breaks at Scott Kelby’s Lightroom Live tour. So this week’s video is dedicated to answer just that question (and a couple more). Where does LR store your photos? Where should you store your photos when importing them into LR? And finally, how to get to those photos and find out where they are stored if you forget where you put them way back when you started using Lightroom.

Click here to watch the video. (10 Mb)