Monday Presets – Vintage New York Look

Here’s an effect that works great for portraits. It’s got that desaturated look that is often associated with the whole vintage style that’s so popular. Plus, it’s a popular effect for city (New York-ish) style photos these days. It’s primarily geared toward portraits. One thing you’ll notice if you look at the settings after you apply it, is that I bumped up the Orange and Yellows in the HSL panel to bring back some life to the skin (you gotta love Lightroom). As I mentioned earlier, this is mainly geared towards portraits but give it a try on other types of photos as I’ve gotten some really fantastic results.

Download the presets here

See the Before/After view of the presets here
Download the presets here.


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  1. Hi, I’m a big fan of these 3 presets, but they don’t work on LR4 on my Mac…is there a new version maybe?

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  2. Matt,

    I absolutely love these. I use them mostly for senior portraits. Thanks for posting them!

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  3. Matt,

    I just downloaded your presets, but I can’t figure out how to get them from my computer into lightroom. Can you help?

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  4. Thanks, Matt! I’m in the process of learning LR so this is a welcome site.

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  5. LOVE your presets. I just downloaded this and I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for always being so generous!!

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  6. When I click on Matt’s Pano Print Template.Irtemplate, I get this message ” Error importing ” Matt’s Pano Print Template.Irtemplate. The preset file was the wrong type of preset”. What am I doing incorrectly?

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  7. Hey, I was just at the Sublime Light website and saw a sample of your NY vintage preset. I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I don’t have Lightroom yet. Is there a way to download it to PS CS3 or can you create the same effect in CS3 for us that don’t have it yet? Thanks!

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    • I agree, please let me know as well if there is something similar we can do with CS3 or CS4. Thanks!

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  8. Hi Matt, your NY preset is simply wonderful…i love the desaturation look resulted by this preset…this is now my ‘fitst to go’ preset…I did small modification to suit my needs, basically by increasing the clarity and contrast…the results can be seen here:
    (pictures taken last month at the Macy’s Parade in NY)…

    Again, BIG THANKS!


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  9. Thank you so much for this….on a recent model shoot it saved my ass:)

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  10. Matt, I recently took a number of photos at a nature center festival that focused on the period 1900-1920. Your vintage New York presets were perfect for putting those photos back in time! Many thanks!!

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  11. this is an amazing preset! thank you!

    would you mind giving some history about it?

    anything on the web that exemplifies what the originals looked like?

    thanks again!

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  12. Ok…I’m a moron. I downloaded it:). Cheers!

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  13. Matt, when I click on the link to download preset….the browser goes blank. Please help…

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  14. wow, this looks awesome.

    …however, i can’t see to upload to lightroom; i download three adjustment settings, but can’t get them into lightroom.

    please help, thank-you.

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  15. This is a great preset! I just used it on a slightly underexposed portrait, and wow!!

    Thanx Matt!

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  16. Matt,

    I’m a new Lightroom user…once I download your presets, how do I get to them?


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  17. Cheers mate, have been playing around with photo’s i took on a trip to new york a couple of month ago, so it was cool you came up with these

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  18. Hi Matt,this preset by far is one of my favorites. I used this on an old building picture and it looks awesome…

    I have been using Lightroom since the beginning and it is by far my favorite program next to PS of course.

    Thanks again for the great tips and presets in Lightroom!


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  19. I’m primarily a landscaper, so I played with these presets on some of my recent fall images – pretty cool. Thanks, Matt! Keep ’em coming!!

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  20. Thanks! I love your presets

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