Site News – Comments are turned on!

I’ve got some good news. I’ve turned on the comment feature for recent and new posts going forward. I’ve had a feedback form on the site that was created for feedback, not questions. I’ve realized that many of you have questions, and they’re going unanswered so I figured I’d let, you, the visitors help out with it. So now, discussions can grow and some useful information can get out there based on your experiences. There’s one big ground rule though. No mean people allowed. That means that if you’re one of those “Mr. Angry Pants” 🙁 kind of people, and you like to put people down then don’t post a comment. I’ll delete it. Simple enough right? But you’re not one of those people because you’re nice and everyone here is nice right? So we’ll have fun with it and I’ll look forward to some good discussions. Thanks!