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I’ve got some good news. I’ve turned on the comment feature for recent and new posts going forward. I’ve had a feedback form on the site that was created for feedback, not questions. I’ve realized that many of you have questions, and they’re going unanswered so I figured I’d let, you, the visitors help out with it. So now, discussions can grow and some useful information can get out there based on your experiences. There’s one big ground rule though. No mean people allowed. That means that if you’re one of those “Mr. Angry Pants” 🙁 kind of people, and you like to put people down then don’t post a comment. I’ll delete it. Simple enough right? But you’re not one of those people because you’re nice and everyone here is nice right? So we’ll have fun with it and I’ll look forward to some good discussions. Thanks!



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  2. George Maskaly 6 December, 2007 at 16:13 Reply

    Matt, thank you for all of the great tips you provide a great service to us all. Concerning Printing, I viewed and tried creating various printing templates. You’re tutorial was great! Question: Can the template be used and the creative results be saved as a jpg vs printing it? I noticed it could be saved as a pdf, but can jpg format be added as an option? This would be helpful if you had to print on other than a dedicated printer. I don’t know if resolution would be a problem or not. Just some thoughts!!
    Thanks so much,

  3. doktor 24 November, 2007 at 00:19 Reply

    There are a few men in opera who don’t mind doing beefcake. Friends and I used to joke that Samuel Ramey had a clause in his contracts mandating him baring his furry chest at some point.

  4. Bryan Stovall 13 November, 2007 at 13:15 Reply

    Hi Matt,
    I am really enjoying and using the presets, and have had no problem with any except the multiple prints from a couple weeks ago. Whenever I tried to load them (Macbook Pro) I got an error message that said “Wrong kind of file”. Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks again,
    Bryan Stovall

  5. Victor Chavez 13 November, 2007 at 00:42 Reply

    Hi Matt I just really want to thank you for the website and the video tutorials, Im forwarding this website to all my new LR friends.

    I have a question

    I download my photos to computer before I import my photos to lightroom I check them with Windows Photo Gallery to check If they are sharp or out of focus and start deleting them, can I do this fast review let’s say with 100% or 50% zoom in Lightroom to delete the out of focus or not so sharp pictures? doing a next -prev and delete key?.


    Victor Chavez
    Mexico City.

  6. Philppe 10 November, 2007 at 03:09 Reply

    I agree with Carlo with the no angry rule (this is not very democratic but so true …)
    Please Matt, go on with this great web site.
    Should I add that your american accent is perfectly undertandable by an average french like me ?
    Kind regards,

  7. Ken L 9 November, 2007 at 10:59 Reply

    Hi Matt,

    I tried downloading the presets (latest for LR)and I could not get them to work.

    Is that because you have a mac and I have a PC?

    please have someone advise on this.

    Kin regards,


  8. Richard 9 November, 2007 at 00:42 Reply

    Hi Matt,

    great site, came here from Napp. Thanks for all the effort you put in, Lightroom rocks, and this site reminds me of that daily,


  9. Doug Miller 8 November, 2007 at 23:40 Reply

    Hi Matt,

    I have been a regular on your blog catching the tips and presets videos on every posting. I have been so impressed that I ordered the Lightroom training DVD from Kelby Training. I have a quick question though, I can’t find a reference (probably pilot error;) for where the practice files are located for downloading. Can you point me to them?


  10. Mel Lammers 8 November, 2007 at 19:03 Reply

    If you build a top folder from within LR, [click on the plus sign + next to the Folder in Navigator pane] and then establish a folder at the top somewhere on your HD [where every you want it], you can then move by drag and drop in the Folder section of the Navigator panel to the new top level folder you built. I call mine Mels Photos [original huh!]. Do it all within LR at your leisure and nothing should get lost. Just take your time and be careful. If this doesn’t make sense, ask again and I will clarify I hope.

  11. Brent 8 November, 2007 at 18:31 Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to share your significant knowledge and experience with LR. The site is entertaining and educational. I especially appreciate the videos which you have produced!

    I have been a PS Elements user for some time but have reached the point where I need the additional capability that CS3 gives me. I use Elements Organizer and have built up a significant amount of Tags, Collections, Version Sets etc. I wonder if I should look at switching to LR, or continue to use Elements Organizer, but with the CS3 editor? I know its difficult to answer such a generic question, but perhaps you can point me to a resource which compares Elements Organizer, Adobe Bridge, and Lightroom? I have found some good Bridge vs Lighroom info, but nothing seems to include Elements Organizer.

    Again, thanks for the great site.

  12. DavidBertu 8 November, 2007 at 17:31 Reply


    Ditto, on previous comments regarding a terrific and informative site. LKT is also my homepage. Among the great tips, I look forward to Monday’s Presets.

    My question is in reference to the Print Presets you posted on November 5th. I noticed that the files were significantly larger than all of my other presets (122KB vs. ~2KB). Upon opening them in Wordpad, I saw a string of characters that did not make sense to me and was hoping you could clarify the meaning. The value in question is “_printInfo = ” and the string of characters that follows looks like so…””BAtzdHJlYW10eXBlZIHoA4QBQISEhAtOU1ByaW50SW”…except that the sting goes on for miles and miles. I downloaded it again today before I wrote this in the event my previous download was corrupted but the sting is still there.

    Please tell us how the string was generated and what function it “tells” LR to perform.

    Thanks Matt,

  13. Friðrik 8 November, 2007 at 15:19 Reply

    Great site Matt! I love the tips&tricks, it just makes it so much fun working with images. Learning new things and trying them out is awesome and what it’s all about.

    One thing that I haven’t seen in Lightroom yet and have been wondering about is comments on your photo. For example if I want to process my image later, perhaps even in Photoshop, or I have something left that needs to be done. There doesn’t seem to be any commenting option in Lightroom for each individual photograph or collection without having to put it into the metadata. Is there something that allows for commenting in Lightroom?

    Thanks again & keep up the good work! =)

    Greetings from Iceland!

  14. Don Schneider 8 November, 2007 at 14:33 Reply

    Hi Matt, enjoying your website and find it very helpful. I’m in the process of installing a Maxtor One Touch external HD and Norton Ghost to back up my computer as shown on your recent video. Thanks for this info as I have been wanting to do this for some time.

    I have a question about Lightroom that has annoyed me since the release of version 1.1. Before the release I could use flash gallery for website, but after installing version 1.1 my photos will not show when I try using the flash gallery. There are others out there who are having the same problem(seen on the forum). Can you shed any light on this problem?


  15. Francie 8 November, 2007 at 14:02 Reply

    Thanks so much for this website, it is invaluable as I continue to learn more about Lightroom. I am currently working my way through your Basic Training DVD and Scott Kelby’s Lightroom book, both have been very helpful.

    I am still just a little confused about how it works at the basic database level. This is what I understand, please let me know what I have left out:

    1. You store your images in regular file folders and back up to a separate harddrive.

    2. When you import them into LR it creates a separate Catalog file(s) in My Pictures (I am a PC user – its what we have where I work). This is where all the changes made in LR are stored, BUT IT IS NEVER WHERE THE ORIGINAL IMAGES RESIDE??

    So, if I backup an exact duplicate of my image folders to a separate harddrive, AND set LR to automatically backup to the My Pictures folder on that separate harddrive I will have all bases covered?

    I am just in the process of saving, setting keywords etc, and storing all of my images in LR and want to make sure that I have this concept nailed down from the beginning.


  16. Cyndi 8 November, 2007 at 13:36 Reply

    Hi Matt, I have just “found” you recently, and I love your tips. I wish I would have seen your clip, “Where to save your photos in LR” earlier. I now have those files all over my external HD. Is there a way to clean it all up now so that I have one folder with subs as you suggested? Will I loose the association path and thus loose the picture as a result? Any advice would help.

  17. Andre 8 November, 2007 at 13:00 Reply

    Hoi Matt,

    Sorry for my englisch, but i`m from the Netherlands and I `m better with Lightroom.
    Your tips help me very well and I follow you site every day. I love the tips and settings. That its because I give also a workshop on my Fotoclub with Lightroom.
    I hope for a book in Dutch.

    greating Andre

  18. Steve Prince 8 November, 2007 at 11:41 Reply

    Great site Matt! Been coming here since day one, and you have saved me a lot of time. I like the new presets feature. It’s a great teaching tool, showing us what can be accomplished with LR. I’m wishing for a future feature that will let us enter some more exterior editors, to export to. PS + one other is great, but more would be better.
    Looking forward to your new books. Your my homepage, guy!

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