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VIDEO: Smart Collection Tip on Automatically Sorting Your Photos

Yesterday, I wrote a post about 3 features that I’d love to see in Lightroom (but probably won’t). They’re 3 features that I think I’d use, but I’m not so sure the masses would and it would be worth the development effort on Adobe’s time. Well, as I wrote the post, I realized a way that I could sort of do one of the features I was looking for.

See, I often import some photos in to Lightroom and just start editing. I know I’m supposed to go through and flag/rate them right away, but sometimes I don’t have the time or I just really want to see one of the photos in the Develop module and work with it. The problem with that is that sometimes I forget to flag it when I’m done. Then, the next time I go to look at the photos, I have to go find it all over again. So the feature I wanted was some sort of auto-flag feature. Like maybe if I spend 20 seconds on the photo in the Develop module, or add some settings to it, then auto-flag it for me so I don’t forget.

As I was writing the post though, I realized a way that would help with my problem. It’s not a total fix for it, but it’s pretty darn close that I’ll probably take that off my list 🙂 Enjoy!