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TIP: A Fun, Mean, and Totally Useless Lightroom Hack

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The other week Scott turned me on to a post by Mark Stagi over at It was called Hacking the Lightroom 5 Splash Screen. It’s actually very cool and I never knew you could do that before. However, before you go visit the site, just understand that it has no educational value whatsoever. But as photographers, I think it’s kinda cool. We love to display our photos, and this is a cool way to do it when Lightroom starts up.

Basically, the article goes over how to take the default Lightroom startup screen (seen below) and replace it with your own graphic. It could be your logo, some text, or even a photo.


Welcome to the Dark Side! (insert sinister laugh here)
Well, as I was reading the article I thought of a funny hack/prank you could play on people. Let’s say you had access to your friend’s computer (or even better, an enemy) for a few of minutes. Well, you could always make a graphic in Photoshop that read something like this and use it as their splash screen:


You gotta’ love the fact that the only options will erase their hard drive 🙂 And if you wanted, you could even take it a step further and add a progress bar below it. A quick Google search will find you all of the graphics and fonts needed to pull it off so it looks pretty darn close to the real thing.


I’m sure all of you can come up with some other funny ideas, so if you do, please post ’em here. We could all use a good laugh 🙂

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT use this prank on anyone at work, at the risk of being terminated, or worse, asked to sit in another meeting. Also, know that I will deny ever writing this blog post, and recommending it to you. You’ll never prove it was me!
Thanks – Matt Kloskowski (blogger of mean Lightroom tricks) 😉