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Using the New Profiles in the Latest Lightroom Update

Howdy, folks, and greetings from Salt Lake City (here for my Lightroom seminar today).

Benjamin Warde has a great little video on how to use the new profile browser that was included in this most-recent Lightroom update. It’s less than 60-seconds, and I’ll bet you’ll still learn something you didn’t know:

Thanks, Benjamin! 🙂

Countdown: 16-day ’till the Photoshop World Conference in Orlando!
While it’s called Photoshop World, we have a Lightroom training track that runs all three days the entire conference, so you could go, catch nothing but Lightroom classes, and never see a Photoshop class the entire time you’re there (of course, that would be a shame, but you could ya know). Lots of love for Lightroom at Photoshop World – you can still go – it’s not too late. More at

Have a great Tuesday everybody! Rob Sylvan is there for his Wednesday column tomorrow – don’t forget to drop by. 🙂





  1. callmebob 17 May, 2018 at 10:45 Reply

    I attended this LR seminar in SLC. 3rd one I’ve done over the years, been using it from almost day 1 and had rawshooter before that…

    This one was the best.

    You really have a good set of information on the product, with some pro/con “save you” thrown in. The format is excellent, the follow-along guide is nicely done and the downloads to augment the experience are nice pluses. Someone with even just a touch of time with the desktop local storage version (no round corner logo) would benefit, professional or amateur. Highly recommended. Your staff did a great job on the logistics as well.

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