Friday is here — let’s start it off right with a video from our friend and Adobe Worldwide Evangelist, Terry White, and in this video Terry shows you how to use Lightroom CC on your mobile device to edit anywhere. This is really good stuff, and Terry cuts to the chase in this video (it’s only 20-minutes, and you’re up and running on mobile).

He answers lots of important questions, and as always Terry is so fun and informative.

Yesterday we kicked off our annual 12-Days of Christmas freebies!
If you’re a KelbyOne Pro member, it’s back — 12 days of awesome freebies, including some cool Lightroom stuff (presets, LUTs, brushes, etc.), and it’s all free for KelbyOne Pro members. I wrote about it (and some of the cool we’re already giving away) over on my daily blog today at

Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend!





  1. craig 25 December, 2018 at 08:50 Reply

    How do you remove photos from the cloud, but keep them in Classic? Especially ones that were taken from the phone/ipad. Basically to add storage space.

  2. Leon R Johnson 14 December, 2018 at 12:08 Reply

    I still have one question that leaves me confused. If I take a photo on my phone/iPad, the RAW file goes to the cloud and a Smart Preview goes to LR Classic on my computer. Correct? Now, I do not want to keep my RAW files on the cloud because of the limited free space included with the Photographic subscription (amateurs don’t have money for that). How do I get the RAW file to LR CC and replace the RAW files in the cloud and on my phone/iPad with Smart Previews? That keeps my phone/iPad from overflowing its storage space and my cloud account from running up charges. Any advice would be appreciated. Anything simple and easy would be doubly appreciated. 🙂

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