Today is “New Big Secret Thing” Reveal Day


Mornin’ everbody! Well, today’s the day (but it’s not “the time” quite yet) that the big news gets revealed, and we’ll be all over it.

We have FOUR free LIVE webcast’s today regarding the big news (including live Q&A) and you’re invited. We did have to change our broadcast schedule a bit – here’s the updated schedule:

>  1:00 pm (six hours from now, which is 7am EDT)

>  3:00 pm

>  5:00 pm

>  7:00 pm

All of them at EDT (New York Time). Here’s a world clock time zone helper. 

Sign up for the free Webinars right here. 

Hope you’ll be able to join us – it’s gonna be a really fun day!



P.S. Note: the four webinars will be essentially the same — except of course from the questions answered during the live Q&A. 



    • Peter 21 April, 2015 at 16:05 Reply

      I thought online stuff was your speciality but you can’t even supply a valid link to the webseminars. This fills me with confidence that Kelby websites know what they are doing!

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