Lightroom’s Hidden “Reset” Buttons (there’s more than one)

Hey, before we get started, I wanted to apologize for not posting last Monday and Tuesday. I was in the midst of launching and then tweaking my new “Shoot Like a Pro: Reloaded” tour, and I was totally 100% heads-down on that until the wee hours of the morning from Sunday until Wednesday, so I had to bail on those two posts. Thanks for your patience with that — now I’m back in the saddle (and back home), and here’s my Monday post. 🙂

Besides the obvious “Reset” button at the bottom of the Right Side panels in Lightroom, there are a number of ways to reset part of your edits, or all of your edits, and here are ten of my favorites:


#1: To reset just the sliders in the middle section of the Basic Panel, double-click directly on the word “Tone” (as seen above right), and all the sliders in just that section reset to zero.


#2: To reset both White Balance sliders to zero, double-click directly on “WB” (as seen above right).


#3: To reset just the sliders in the bottom section of the Basic Panel, double-click directly on the word “Presence” (as seen above right), and all the sliders in just that section reset to zero.


#4: To reset any individual slider to zero, just double-click directly on the nub of the slider itself (as seen above left) and it resets (as seen above right).


#5: When using the Adjustment Brush, to reset all the sliders back to zero (I usually do this each time I hit the “New” button to start painting somewhere else), double-click directly on the word “Effects” as seen above right.


#6: To reset the Tint color applied to the Adjustment Brush, double-click directly on the word “Color” and it resets the chosen color to “None.”


#7: If you choose an effect from the Effect pop-up menu (seen above left), it zeroes out all the other sliders and increases just the amount of the slider you’ve chosen (as seen above right).

Reset 8a

#8: A shortcut to resetting all the settings for your images, it to right-click within the image and choose Reset from the pop-up menu (in reality this takes two clicks: one to right click, another to choose Reset, rather than just clicking once on the Reset Button at the bottom of the Right Side panels, but this one is handy to know if you work with the Right Side panels hidden).

Reset 9a

#9: Another way to reset all your sliders to zero is to click on the Preset (under General Presets) called Zeroed.

Reset 10b

#10: To reset a Crop to the uncropped image press Option-Shift-Command-R (Win: Alt-Shift-Ctrl-R) and it returns you to the original cropped version. Also, while you have the Crop tool; pressing Command-Option-R (Win: Ctrl-Alt-R) will reset the Crop.

OK, that’s a few of my favorites.

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  1. Laura 12 January, 2016 at 21:17 Reply

    Appreciate any help! Currently, when I hit “reset” in lightroom CC– my default setting is really strange. For example, the highlights will go all the way to the left when I am trying to reset. How do I change this? Thank you for any direction.

    • Troy 21 January, 2016 at 15:37 Reply

      Sounds like you have a “Camera RAW Default” applied. Hitting the “reset” button applies the “Camera RAW Default” Hold down the “Shift” key and the reset button will change to “Reset (Adobe)” Selecting this is a true reset.

  2. Jan 25 August, 2015 at 03:29 Reply

    Trying to find my way around Lightroom and these tips are brilliant. I thought all you could do was hit the reset and start over or go back in the history.

    Now all I need to find is how to either shift the navigator key to the right of the tool bar or designate a key to going to the next photo. When you are editing thousands of photos travelling from the editing to ‘select next photo’ button is not that quick and nor is taking your hand off the mouse to hit the > key or using your left hand to hit it.

    Would love it if you could point me in the right direction if there is an alternative.


  3. lyle 1 May, 2015 at 13:07 Reply

    On CC / 6 if you press the ALT key, all the descriptive words available in Develop module sections you’d double click on to reset values change to “Reset xxxx”, and take a single click. I don’t recall if 5 did that or not, and no longer have it installed to try. (In the Library module Quick Develop panel Tone section – it flips the Clarity and Vibrance, to Sharpening and Saturation too.) Worth viewing around – those are the only modules I use, beside Print. Hopefully helpful to someone.

  4. lyle 21 April, 2015 at 09:51 Reply

    Had never used right-click Reset, and like you said if you’re hiding the right side panel (F8), that’s handy.

    (F5,F6,F7 hide/unhide the others for anyone else reading who hasn’t used them before).

    thx –

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