Lightroom Tips

Tip – Resolution Change When Editing

Here’s a quick tip that managed to sneak under the radar when Lightroom 2 came out. You know when you edit a photo in Photoshop and you get to choose the bit depth (8 or 16 bit), file type (PSD or TIFF), and color space. Well did you know that in Lightroom 2 you can also choose the Resolution that the photo will be rendered in when it gets to Photoshop? Yep, it wasn’t there in Lightroom 1 (Honestly, if some one had asked me, I would have bet $100 it was by the way). To choose the resolution go to your Lightroom preferences and choose the External Editing tab. In that tab you’ll see the resolution setting that Lightroom will use when getting ready to edit the photo in Photoshop and you can change it right there.