Howdy! Feel free to scroll down to the next post to get right to the tip for today. This post is just for folks that would like to see a few photos I’ve taken as of late. If you’ve noticed that I’ve been a little silent this week it’s because I’ve been on a cruise in Hawaii teaching Photoshop and Lightroom with Moose Peterson, Laurie Excel and Dave Cross. We’ve had a great time with the class and gotten some fabulous photo opportunities. I thought I’d share a few here:

1) Photo taken during sunset at Lahaina Beach

2) Another sunset photo from Lahaina

3) Sunrise at Wailea Beach

4) Another Sunrise at Wailea Beach

5) This one was taken at a hotel in Maui (the little girl’s father and I started talking photography and the light was just too good).

6) The lava flow on The Big Island from about 1/2 mile off shore on our cruise ship (shot at 3200 ISO – the photo just doesn’t do it justice)
Note: This one is just for fun. I thought it was an amazing site to see and wanted to share it with you. That lava flow doesn’t happen all the time and many folks come here and never get to see it. However, the photo is just too noisy and not sharp enough to print.

Please do me a big favor and leave a comment to let me know which one you like best (if any). I’m going to be doing some printing when I get back and maybe you can help me narrow the list down. Anyway, the cruise is over tomorrow and I’ll be really sad to say goodbye to some great friends that I’ve made during the week. Now I gotta go get some sleep. Getting up at 5:00am for a sunrise shoot. See ya!