The Landscape Photography Conference Kicks Off Tomorrow!

The Landscape Photography Conference (our two-day, two-track, live online educational conference) officially starts tomorrow (it kicks off today, a day early, with a pre-conference orientation and then I’m doing a workshop at 11:00 am called “What makes a great landscape photo” for folks who are new to landscape photography.

Catch the short official conference trailer below:

It’s not too late — you can still sign up

…and be with us from the start tomorrow (lots of great Lightroom and Photoshop post-production training at the conference, too!). Details and tickets at KelbyOneLive.com – it’s a record-breaking crowd for us; hope you can make it!

Kaylee’s got an incredible dog photography book coming out!

Check my ScottKelby.com blog today for info on Kaylee Greer’s new book on dog photography, and details on my “Book Chat” next week for the print edition launch of my “Digital Photography Book.”

I’ll be back tomorrow with another in my “Lightroom in 60-Seconds” quick video tips series, and then Rob will be here on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of you online at the conferenece. 🙂