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"Suggest a Preset" Recap

Hey gang! Below you’ll find a summary of my findings from Tuesday’s post about preset suggestions. Yep, I read every single one of them. First off, like I thought, you guys have a ton of great ideas. Thank you for sharing them. Some are definitely doable and some are just not in the realm of Lightroom Version 1. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll see more features in the next version of Lightroom though. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, here’s a quick recap of some of the suggestions.

Recreate the Effect of a Line Drawing – Not possible in Lightroom

Lens Blur Effect – Blurring isn’t possible in Lightroom

Super Saturated, Super Contrast – Definitely a possibility

300 Movie Effect – Already done on this site.

Old Fashioned Glamor – Great idea!

Soft Focus or Dreamy Effect (lots of requests for this one) – Nope. No “soft” or “dreamy” features in Lightroom. That’s blurring and that’s Photoshop’s job for now at least.

Creative Sharpening – I like it!

Fluffy Clouds Preset – At first I thought “huh”? Then I started playing around and there’s something to be said for this one. Look for a cloud-related preset in the future.

Dodge and Burn (from Florent) – Come on Florent. You know there’s no dodging and burning in Lightroom. I can’t add features. Wish I could, but I can’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice try though.

Bleach Bypass – We may get close in Lightroom. I’ll give it a try

Glamor Glow – Probably not. I’ll try but there’s not glowing in Lightroom

Jill Greenberg – Some of the high contrast presets here will achieve the post-processed look there. However, I’m convinced that 90% of what Jill does is in the camera.

Pirates of Caribbean – Great idea! I love it! And yes Lisa Epp, I did get all the way down to your post ๐Ÿ™‚

Die Hard 4 – I’ll give it a try.

Classic B&W – Great idea.

Valentines Day High Contrast B&W with Red – Sounds good to me.

Soft and Romantic – Nope. No soft and I’m not romantic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Noise Reduction – Lightroom’s noise reduction controls are, well… pretty lame. I don’t use ’em so I probably won’t be creating presets telling others to use them.

Orton Effect – Nope. No combining images in Lightroom yet. Combining a sharp and blurry photo are the basis of this effect so this one can’t be done.

Cool Shadows / Warm Highlights – I like it.

Neutral Density – No gradients in Lightroom. You’ll have to do it in the camera or stick with Photoshop for this one.

Kevin Kubota Styled Presets – These are more workflow related and special effects. Not something really geared for Lightroom.

More Creative ID Plates – I’ve been toying with this idea so you’ll definitely see more ID plates in the future.

Landscape B&Ws – Great idea!

Splitting Controls at Bottom of Tone Curve – You can split the sliders in the Tone Curve?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Honestly, I never do it and you know my feelings on telling people to use things I don’t use. Maybe I’ll make a video just to let people know what they do though.

Skin Tone Softening – Sorry, no softening here.

Underwater Photos – Perfect candidate for a preset. If anyone has any killer underwater photos I can use as candidates let me know.

High Key – Possibly.

Patrick Hoelck Effect – Same as the Jill Greenberg one above. There is some post processing going on there but I really think the effect you’re after is done in the camera.

Skin Coloring – Cool idea.

Midnight Preset like Nik Color Effects – I’ll give it a try.

Photo Filters (Warming 85, 81, etc.) – Awesome idea.

Tri-X, Portra, Afga film stocks – I’ll take a look at them.

Preset to Organize Presets and/or A Preset for Sharing Presets – No can do. However, a video sounds like it’ll help.

Lomo Effect – Great idea! I’ve been playing around with a good one in Photoshop. Sounds like it’s time to try it in LR.

Compatibility Issues with PC and Mac and Print Presets – I’ll answer this one quickly. Yes there are issues. I have no idea why though. If I find out I’ll let you know.

Infrared – Nope. You gotta shoot it this way or you need Photoshop. (edit: I have to admit that I’ve been experimenting with this today and I may have been premature by saying no. It’s not going to be a really good IR image but there is some potential here. I’ll see what I can come up with.)

HDR Controls (Reprogramming Lightroom) – Not possible in LR. You can’t combine images. Hopefully we’ll see something like this in the future though.

Awesome Sepia Tone – Yep, not just a Sepia Tone preset but an “awesome” sepia preset. I’ll give it a try.

Photo Frames with ID Plates – Another great idea.

Presets to Bring out Detail in Snow – I’ll see what I can whip up.

Mimicking great painter styles (Van Gogh, etc…) – Sorry. No painterly like effects are available in LR.

Exporting Presets – Might make a good video topic.

So it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’d better get started. Thanks again for all of the ideas.



  1. jessicxa 19 May, 2009 at 06:33 Reply

    hey i have one; can u please check out and please do the colorization of the photos thanks

  2. Paul 11 February, 2009 at 17:22 Reply

    What is the id number that is at the top of the develop preset when a preset is open in a text editor?

    Does this number have to be unique to each preset?

    Does Adobe have a site to register your preset at so you can get a number? Kind of like Palm and their appID?



  3. Mitch 24 April, 2008 at 20:08 Reply

    A lot of this celeb photographers have access to the best of the best gear too. That camera Jill G. Is shooting with is atleast 50K. The photos almost come out instantly looking like a HDR photograph. If only we could all have access to this kinda stuff.

  4. stevenp 3 April, 2008 at 15:30 Reply

    any any chance you could take a shot at a “30 days of night” or “300 – in the snow vs the wolf scene”…basically a dramatic preset, but very cold.

    ive had very little luck trying to tweak the colors to try and get it right.

    thanks for the help and for offering all the free presets. i just downloaded a huge chunk of them and im about to give them a whirl.

  5. Jasonian 3 April, 2008 at 10:19 Reply

    Hi, I am wondering, since you’ve done a Bleach Bypass “Saving Private Ryan” preset, and a 300 preset, how about a “Golden Compass” preset?

    The look follows the poster art for the movie, which has a lot of soft grays, skin tones are natural and soft, but gold and yellows are strong.

  6. Dick 27 February, 2008 at 17:04 Reply

    Hi, Matt. The “Auto” Tone command in LR seems to be useless. It always blows out the highlights to one degree or another. Is there a way to use this tool that gives a better result (some hidden highlight/shadow adjustment defaults or whatever)? As I scan hundreds of photos, all with different tonal ranges, it would be very helpful to have this work properly. Thanks, Dick.

  7. Shadowgolem 22 February, 2008 at 11:44 Reply

    There are several very nice holga presets for photoshop. It would not work in Lightroom as you need a radial blur and I pretty sure Lightroom does not support blur (yet?).

  8. E. Collins 8 February, 2008 at 16:52 Reply

    Though I feel Underwater shots would be hard to make a general preset for since a slight change in depth can make a difference in the color, I guess it would not hurt to try. There here is a link to a YouTube slide show I put together from a recent trip to Maui. If there are not “bad enough” just ask….I have plenty that are out of whack….

  9. Dilip Barman 5 February, 2008 at 18:19 Reply

    Sorry for the late response here. I don’t know if this is possible within Lightroom, but a neat preset would be one of adding a signature to a picture. One could take a .jpg image of a signature with everything but the “ink” transparent, and have it placed within the image. I’m pretty sure this is outside of the capabilities of Lightroom, but thought I would ask.

    One more very nice preset or tutorial I’d love is how to take output from the print module and generate a .jpg. You have so many great hints here, Matt, including some nice print presets. I’d like to generate jpg images and not necessarily just pictures based on your presets. Thanks!!

  10. David 1 February, 2008 at 13:41 Reply

    Wow! can’t believe you responded to as many as you did.
    Say, is there a way or a preset to somehow just get me a cold beer?
    Now that would be awsume

  11. mahom 1 February, 2008 at 09:34 Reply

    Hey Matt.
    maby I will be to late. My faforit movie at time is Miami Vice – The Movie. Maby you can also make a preset of that effect?


  12. Jeffrey P. 1 February, 2008 at 01:31 Reply

    Hey Matt,

    I was wondering if you could come up with a preset to get images similar to Dave Hill’s photography. Though you might say that his work is similar to Patrick Hoelck’s and Jill Greenberg’s in that they achieve most of that in camera, it would be interesting nevertheless to get an idea of how they create that effect either in camera or in Photoshop. As always, any help is appreciated!

  13. Manny G. 31 January, 2008 at 21:56 Reply

    Thanks Matt!

    I Knew you could think of a way to possibly recreate an infrared look on a photo… I knew it!!! Thanks for pondering the thought! Oh, I’m also considering of taking your Photoshop Citification course from the Kelby Training site. Looking forward to that as well.

    Much Regards!
    Manny G.
    NAPP Member

  14. Jim Lewis 31 January, 2008 at 19:23 Reply

    Re “Compatibility Issues with PC and Mac and Print Presets.” Thanks for confirming this. I thought for awhile it was me. (Of course, that would have made things easier, because I could’ve just stopped doing what I was doing.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Bill 31 January, 2008 at 19:22 Reply

    I made this request to Alien Skin for their Exposure product, but they have not included it in version 2. 20+ years ago, there were two great color transparency films, Kodachrome and Agfachrome. Agfachrome was very popular for portraits having been designed for accurate flesh tones. I shot a lot of it. While Kodachrome has already been emulated, there is no Agfachrome emulation available. The world needs one.

  16. Florent 31 January, 2008 at 14:45 Reply

    Let’s hope Adobe developers will notice the request and release LR 1.32 w/dodge/burn tools in the near future–impossible to do good b&w editing w/o them! Thanks a lot Dr. Matt!

  17. Peter Marcaurelle 31 January, 2008 at 12:26 Reply


    A note on creative ID plates and Photo Frames

    I have created several ID plates for creating calendars using Lightroom Print Module for output, if interested check them out here –

    And I have others close to completion and have been working on Photo frames. However, I seemed to have run into a problem with compatibility with the Mac users and can not seem to determine why. I’d appreciate any suggestions from you or your followers.

    I also just added a signature ID plate technique to my blog if anyone is interested, click my name to get you there if interested.

    You got me on this addiction and I can’t seem to stop ! THANKS ๐Ÿ™‚

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