I’m out on the road with my Lightroom seminar, and I’ve been getting SOOOO many comments from people there who are totally confused about the new cloud-storage version of Lightroom (branded as “Lightroom CC”) that I wanted to help lift the fog.

On “The Grid” (my weekly photography show) I did a presentation about who I think Lightroom CC is for (and who it’s not for). We took questions and comments from our viewers (I was joined by Erik Kuna), and our special guest skyping in was none other than columnist (and Photoshop World instructor), Rob Sylvan. 

By the end of the show, people were totally getting it, and thanking us for clearing up all the confusion. I hope you find it helpful, and that it helps clear the fog, and removes the worry, for you, too!

I’m in San Diego next Wednesday with my Lightroom seminar. Hope you’re there, too!
I already have a couple of hundred photographers signed up for my full-day Lightroom seminar there next week – but we’ve got room for a few more if you want to join me for the day. Details and tickets here.

Have a great weekend everybody!



P.S. Wanna watch a kick-butt Lightroom course this weekend? Check out the trailer below (and here’s a link to the full course).