A New Name for Lightroom Mobile; Correction on Watermarking, and More!

Happy Monday, everybody! (I’m trying to put a decent spin on it being Monday, but ya know…it’s Monday). 😉

(1) Lightroom Mobile has a New Name
Yup, if you go search the App Store or Google Play for Lightroom Mobile ya know what comes up instead? The same app with a new name: Lightroom CC. Yes, that is the new name for Lightroom Mobile. Whoever said “CC” now stands for “Create Confusion,” boy were they way off. 😂

(2) I Gave “the hard way” to Remove a Watermark Last Week
Last week I answered a reader’s question on how to remove an old saved watermark using a super slow, old-fashioned, just kind of “doh!” way to do it. Granted, the post wasn’t just about watermarks, but I think it still needs correcting. The easy way remove an old watermark you don’t want to use any longer (and the method I should have provided), is to just reopen the Watermark Editor window (seen below); choose the preset you want to remove (from the presets pop-up menu in the top left corner), and then choose “Delete preset” as shown below. Sorry for the extra work (and thanks to my commenter “Al” who pointed this out).

(3) Adobe’s Branding Firm Lands Another Client?
MacPhun announced that they are changing their name to “Skylum” which can only mean one thing — the branding firm Adobe must have hired to handle their recent Lightroom “renaming fail fiesta” must have found a new client in MacPhun. 😉  You can’t make this stuff up, kids (even though I just did).

My Lightroom Seminar is in San Diego on Wednesday
Hope you’re there — a few hundred San Diego photographers are already signed up – don’t miss out on a Lightroom love-fest of a day! Hope I get to meet you there. My next seminar is in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Monday, December 11th.

That’s it for this glorious Monday (see what I did there)? Hope yours is a great one! 🙂