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Some Links, Inspiration and a Flickr Group

First off, the folks over at Adobe have launched a Lightroom community help site or, as they call it, a “wiki”. Seriously, do they ever sleep there? Anyway, I was extremely honored because at the last Photoshop World in Las Vegas, I met with a few of the Adobe folks and they asked if I was interested in participating by making some quick 30-60 second videos that people could watch quickly (fast being the whole idea behind a “wiki”). So as you’re looking through the site for Lightroom help you may even hear a familiar voice here or there. Here’s the link.

We have our own Flickr group. Yep, one of the visitors to this site created a Flickr group to show off photos that you apply my presets to. As the creator of these presets I can’t tell you how cool that is and it really made my day on Monday when I found out. Here’s the link. Make sure you get in and join the group and start posting some photos. Thanks to everyone who has already posted and thanks to Sznerchu for creating the group.

Finally, here’s a little inspiration to wrap things up. Pay Jill Greenberg Photography a visit when you get a chance today. I recently got a question from somebody asking how to produce an effect in one of her photos. Then I went to her site and realized I’ve been seeing her work everywhere – I just never knew it was all from the same person. There’s a little bit of everything and I think once you hit the site you’ll wind up spending the next 20 minutes there like I did. Well that’s it for today. See you back tomorrow for the Friday Tip.