Some Links, Inspiration and a Flickr Group

First off, the folks over at Adobe have launched a Lightroom community help site or, as they call it, a “wiki”. Seriously, do they ever sleep there? Anyway, I was extremely honored because at the last Photoshop World in Las Vegas, I met with a few of the Adobe folks and they asked if I was interested in participating by making some quick 30-60 second videos that people could watch quickly (fast being the whole idea behind a “wiki”). So as you’re looking through the site for Lightroom help you may even hear a familiar voice here or there. Here’s the link.

We have our own Flickr group. Yep, one of the visitors to this site created a Flickr group to show off photos that you apply my presets to. As the creator of these presets I can’t tell you how cool that is and it really made my day on Monday when I found out. Here’s the link. Make sure you get in and join the group and start posting some photos. Thanks to everyone who has already posted and thanks to Sznerchu for creating the group.

Finally, here’s a little inspiration to wrap things up. Pay Jill Greenberg Photography a visit when you get a chance today. I recently got a question from somebody asking how to produce an effect in one of her photos. Then I went to her site and realized I’ve been seeing her work everywhere – I just never knew it was all from the same person. There’s a little bit of everything and I think once you hit the site you’ll wind up spending the next 20 minutes there like I did. Well that’s it for today. See you back tomorrow for the Friday Tip.


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  1. Hey There. I discovered yoir blog the usage of msn. That is aan extremely smartly written article.
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  2. The other night my wife was watching a new series on the STARZ channel call “Head Case” and in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, there are two of Jill’s images on the wall, one of the Baboon and another of a crying child.

    The only way I recognized them was of the link to Jill Greenberg’s web site from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips. I think my wife was impressed when I pulled up the web site and showed her the rest of Jill’s images.

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  3. Hi everyone, hearing Jill’s work is done mostly in-camera with lighting is a sure sign that I have A LOT MORE TO LEARN.

    I can answer James’ question about moving your pics to an external hard disk and having LR still work. At least, I can tell you what I do:

    When I import images from a photo shoot or wedding, I put them in their own sub-folder such as “c:/pictures/Sypher Wedding”. I then run my back up software which is set to back up my c:/pictures folder. After I’m completely finished processing all the images (and I’ve been continually backing up at the end of every work session) I essentially have two complete copies of my raw images, .psd’s and all the work done to them. I delete them manually from my C: drive. After that, they show up in Lightroom in red, so with my external disk turned on, I right-click on the lost folder (red text) and browse for it on my external drive. After that, Lightroom can find it any time the external drive is running.


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  4. Hi all,

    Flickr is great, but it would be even nicer to see the before/after preset picture and the name of the preset.


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  5. Matt,

    Yes Jill greenburg effect would be great. I suspect thought that she is shooting with fantastic lighting and a very expensive camera.

    I have another question, how would I continuiously move my images from my computer to an external hard drive and have lightroom still work. ie I will download them to my computer, process them, once I am done, shift them to the hard drive.

    I have a feeling it will be to do with different catalogues, but can’t work it out.

    Cheers again for the blog

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  6. Matt-

    So since you work with Mr. Kelby and I can’t get his blog here at the office (Firewall) what is in the newest Lightroom release?

    “I Just Saw the Next Version of Lightroom, and…” – Jan 23, 2008 – Scott Kelby

    Can you give us an update so we all know what to expect?


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  7. Adobe: 30-60 second videos? Isn’t that the original premise behind the Lightroom Killer Tips. If you collect them like I do, likewise for PS CS3, then you have a great library of hints, tips, and ideas. Thanks for all of the above. Just wish the iTunes postings could keep up with the direct blog downloads..

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  8. Awesome blog Matt! I would also like to see some sort of tutorial in regards to the Jill Greenberg effect.


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  9. She is a wonderful photographer! I agree that most of the effect seen in Jill’s photographs is done in Camera with use of off camera flash. Looks like some retouching of the skin has been done possibly as well. If the lighting is good then you can archive the look with very little post with lightroom! is a great place to start with obtaining info dealing with off camera lighting. Zack Arias has a workshop also (that i have attended) that deals with using off camera flash. Zack also has a message board up on his site that you can get help, ask questions, ect…


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  10. I third the Jill “effect” request. Honestly, I think much of it is lighting and that is what I’d really like to see a write up on. Once the lighting is there I bet we can achieve the post processing feel that she has with a few sliders in Lightroom. I really think most of the work is done in the camera here though so if anyone knows more about it please post.

    Matt K

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  11. As usual, thanks for some great information.

    I second the request for some details on how to achieve the look on Jill’s site.

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  12. Hi

    Can I put in a plug for the largest Lightroom group on Flickr, at the last count with 3,131 members?

    We encourage a lively and vigorous exchange of information and advice about all things Lightroom, and suited for everyone to absolute beginners to experts. Needless to say Matt’s vital website gets many mentions!


    Hugh of Bardfield (A Group Admin)

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  13. hello everyone.
    hello Matt.
    Matt thank for sharing info about group – really help from 10 members jump to 50 over night.

    So glad I made your day !!

    Guys please remember to tag your pictures
    “Matt Kloskowski Preset’s”

    Ta sznerchu

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  14. Dear Matt, thanks for sharing all your knowledge and enthusiasm! I enjoy your presets very much and joined the Matt Kloskowski group on Flickr.

    Do you post pictures there yourself???

    best regards
    ronald ‘misiek’ bunnik

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  15. OK, so first I need to commend you on all the great presets, which I faithfully download and attempt to use in a way the does them honour and not shame. Congrats on the new flickr group and the kudos from Adobe. Now, my big question….HOW ON EARTH does Jill Greenberg get that look to the skin of her models??!!! I don’t know that I’d make it “my look” but i’d really like to have that look in my arsenal.

    Thanks in advance,


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