It's Preset Monday! (on Tuesday again)

This time around I’ve got my take on a nostalgic-styled effect for the Develop module. This preset gives you that older look and is slightly tinted. I’ve also boosted the contrast and clarity significantly because that seems to be what was missing from some of the presets included with Lightroom. You’ll see that there are 2 presets included. Each one has a different level of color saturation. However, this preset (like most of the others I release here) relies on you processing your photo first. That means setting the white balance, exposure, blacks, etc. (I try not to mess with that stuff in my presets). So have at it and enjoy. As always, comments are welcome and links to pages where you use these effects are even better. Thanks!

Click here to see a sample of the presets.
Click here to download Matt’s Nostalgic Effect Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.


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  1. Hi Matt, the video tutorial for installing the presets isn’t working. Please advise me in text how I can install the presets in Adobe Lightroom.

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  2. i just started playing with the presets (aged photo) and love yours. thanks so much!

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  3. Matt, This is a great effect. Would you recommend printing this as a color photo or black & white?

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  4. Thanks Matt, thanks for posting these!


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  5. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the presets ! You did a fantastic job and sharing such ideas will definitely help to develop the digital photography further.

    Thanks. Gerry

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  6. Dude…that’s sweet.

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  7. I look forward to trying this latest offering, Matt. But I have to say the results I have got using your ‘300’ preset have absolutely rocked! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

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  8. Matt when you say process your image 1st. Do you mean bringing it into Photoshop for sharping & then coming back into Lightroom for the effect?
    Thanks for sharing Matt

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  9. Wow! My own preset Flickr group. Would I mind? No way! I’m very flattered. I’ve never had a Flickr group created for me (or my presets) before. I’m honored!

    Thanks so much everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing the stuff posted there.

    Matt K

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  10. Thanks so much for sharing all of your presets with us!

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  11. Kris – here’s what I do – download the preset and then open it in Word. You will see the values for all the sliders in Adobe Camera Raw. So in ACR just set all those values the same as what’s in the LR preset, then save those settings as an ACR preset. Clumsy, but it works.

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  12. I was referring to Camera Raw as a part of Photoshop CS3 — but if I read your answer correctly, that is not possible?

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  13. Matt,

    I’m wondering if you ever came up with an explanation as to why so many of us Windows XP and Vista users had problems using the 5-across print preset a couple of weeks ago? Just curious about whether there’s a snake hiding out there in the grass. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. Kris,

    Do you mean _applying_ them to Camera Raw images in Lightroom? Yes.
    If you mean applying them to the Camera Raw converted in PS and Bridge, No.

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  15. Hi Matt,

    Nothing new compared to previous comments, but I like this a lot!

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  16. Hey Matt,

    I have yet to add Lightroom to my workflow — though I will be doing it shortly, I am wondering if all of these great presets are functional in Camera Raw, if so, how do I add them to Camera Raw?


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  17. Hello everyone, hello Matt !!!
    I have created group on Flickr called “Matt’s Kloskowski Lightroom presets”

    Matt I hope you don’t mine :-).
    So all Matt’s work fans please join a group and share your’s results with world.

    Big thank’s to Matt – great work and keep going !!

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  18. very shweet, nice effect.. shame the mighty lightroom cant give us textures too. Or maybe a texture loaded as an identity plate then with the opacity down…hmmmmmm

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