Friday Video Tip – Auto Syncing

I was getting ready to write the Friday tip and it just seemed like one of those tips that was meant for video. So you’re getting the Friday tip but in video format this week. It’s about a feature that a lot of people miss in the Develop module called Auto Sync. It comes in really handy when you’re trying to work on multiple photos at the same time.

One more thing to close out the week. Last Friday I gave away a couple of copies of Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Book Volume 2. Since I know Scott, I may be biased when I say I love his work and this latest book is a must have. However, I came across a third-party review of the book here at Stephen Zeller Photography. If you’re still on the fence then make sure you give it a quick read this weekend.

Well that wraps up another week. Thanks again for all of the interest in the Lightroom Preset Flickr group!

Click here to watch the video. (8Mb)


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  1. Where did autosync go to in Lightroom 2.6?

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  2. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing~ : )

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  3. Oh yes ! Thank you very much for this tip. I always try to figure how to use this feature. I’ve seen the “Auto Sync” button appears several time when I was selecting several picture but never think that it was because I pressed the control key. 🙂

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  4. Matt,

    Your tips are great…very easy to understand…thanks and never stop…


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  5. Not exactly related, but I also noticed that on a PC if you do hold down Alt key instead of Ctrl, the Sync… button changees to Sync

    Then you can do a manual sync but without the dialog box coming up. It simply syncs all settings.

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  6. Just what I needed right now!
    Thank you Matt!


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  7. Hi Matt,
    thanks for your tips, I’ve been checking this website out on a daily basis. It’s really useful.
    I know it’s not exactly related to this topic, but I was wondering, if there is a way to export pictures that have previews in the library, when they are off line (RAW on a disconnected external HDD)
    I travel a lot with a laptop and would be handy to be able to export for e-mails or web for instance.

    Thank you

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  8. Matt,

    Wow is about all I can say. I can’t believe I’ve been using Lightroom for so long without knowing about this. I knew there had to be a feature like this, but never bothered to figure it out. This will be a real time saver!


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  9. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the mention in your post today! I’m truly honored.

    Have a great weekend!


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  10. Just had a look at the Auto-Sync tip. Good one. That should work well for spotting.
    thanks Matt,
    C.S. tropical Australia.

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  11. Hello Matt,
    i’ve been searching for a way to work like this – thank you for your video.

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  12. Great tip Matt. I read you every day. Please keep the tips/info coming. Thanks again. – Paul

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