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If you are like me, you love keyboard shortcuts but often forget that cool one that you only use every now and then. The good news is that you can press Command -/  (slash) or (PC Ctrl -/) to bring up all of the keyboard shortcuts for that module. Now if you can just remember that one shortcut you are all set.


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Author: Pete Collins

Pete Collins is one of the "Photoshop Guys" with KelbyOne. He is the co-host of Photoshop User TV and regular contributor toPhotography Tips N Tricks and the Grid. Pete has a regular "Down and Dirty" article in Photoshop User Magazine as well as being the creator and host of "Pixel Fight Club" over on the KelbyOne member site. He has an art degree and loves photography, graphic design and illustration. He is also the tallest and most humble of the Photoshop Guys, but since he is the one writing this... the humility thing may be a lie.

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  1. This only shows a small portion of the available shortcuts, but it’s still a really cool trick.

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  2. the cntrl / is awesome, works perfect in LR… is there somethign like that for PS?

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    • Nothing at this time that is built into Photoshop, but if you have a Mac you can check out a plug-in (app?) called Cheat Sheet that will do the same thing. (Third party stuff so use at your own discretion… but I really like it.)

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  3. Note for French Windows users: the shortcut for shortcuts is Ctrl+<

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  4. Is there a shortcut to use auto-straighten when cropping?

    Or one to active the manual straighten?

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    • Well, not that I’m aware of (that doesn’t mean there’s not one – there might be – I just don’t know it). However, you can press “r” to switch to the crop tool (this works from anywhere in Lightroom), and then click the “Auto” button that appears under the lock icon. Hope that helps.

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    • When you’re in crop mode (r key) – you can hold CTRL (PC)or CMD (Mac) and give the 2 points for the ruler endpoints to do a manual straighten.

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      • Shift double click on the word Angle seems to do the same thing as Auto. Double click alone resets the angle to zero.

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