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How to Shoot RAW on an iPhone using Lightroom Mobile

Happy Monday everybody! Don’t know if you caught this video from Terry White (Adobe’s 0wn Worldwide Evangelist for Photography and Design) and it’s all about shooting in RAW with your iPhone (there’s more to it than you might realize) – the video is below.

Also: Make sure you download the latest update for Lightroom Mobile, which is optimized for the new iPhone 7, and has some color tweaks and other enhancements (and bug fixes) to make the most of the new phone.fd

In other news…
It’s Worldwide Photo Walk Week!!!  Whoo Hoo!


I can’t believe it’s only five-days away (but it’s not too late for you to join one of the over 1,000 photo walks organized around the world – just go to worldwidephotowalk.com and sign up for the walk near you.

Hope you all have a great Monday (and thanks to Terry for the awesome video!).





  1. James Cowlin 4 October, 2016 at 11:39 Reply

    After watching this video I was very excited to shoot RAW with the Lightroom camera. The next opportunity I had I shot 45 pictures in a difficult indoor venue thinking that they would be best edited in Lightroom on my iMac. There is one big problem. Syncing to the desktop is so slow as to be useless. In two days only 8 of the 45 photos have been added to the collection on my computer. You should be sure to warn people not to expect to be able to instantly download to a computer to work on the files. In fact, I would say that shooting RAW in Lightroom is not feasible until Adobe makes it possible to download photos directly to a computer without going through Adobe Cloud.

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