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Results from Friday’s “Lightroom Mobile Use” Survey


Here’s the results from Friday’s one-question survey about your use of Lightroom on your mobile devices.

I’m saw some comments here, and over on my Facebook page and Twitter where some folks didn’t realize that it’s now available on Android tablets and phones, so if you didn’t realize it, it’s time to go download it and give it a whirl.

Interesting to note:
A margin of only 8% separates the “You bet!” response from “Not interested at all” crowd, which I thought was a bit surprising, until I read some of the comments here about why, which ran the gambit from “It doesn’t work on the software version of my OS” to “There’s not a Kindle version” to “It’s too small to use on phone and I don’t have a tablet.”

Another interesting stat:
overall 64% either are not using it, can’t use it, or have no plans to take advantage of it. My guess is that 29% that’s not interested would drop pretty significantly if they actually downloaded it and used it. Adobe keeps tweaking it and making it better and better, and I find myself using it more and more.

Speaking of new features…
I have one item on my “wish list” that I would love to see added, and while it doesn’t affect my usage of Lightroom mobile, it sure would make the experience better if you could drag and drop to rearrange the order of individual thumbnails on the device (instead of having to go to the desktop version of Lightroom on your computer; rearrange them there, and then those changes are updated in the mobile version). I can’t think of any photo Apps that make you go to your computer just to rearrange the order of thumbnails. This one is overdue.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey, and hope you all have a great Monday! (Make sure you check in tomorrow for a very handy Lightroom tip from one of our readers). 🙂