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Quick Drag Thumbnail Trick (another one I didn’t know)

Benjamin Warde has done it again — I absolutely did not know this one, but I’ll sure be using it. 🙂

Thanks, Benjamin! That was awesome (and quick, too!).

Hope you have a great Tuesday!




  1. Paul C 26 September, 2017 at 05:03 Reply

    Amazing – I reckon Ben invents these and secretly adds them into the LR code at night when everyone is asleep. Either that or one day he will discover that EVERYTHING we’ve ever dreamed of in LR is there already if only we knew where to look.

    BEN where is the secret “Cancel” button when we accidentally terminate LR but don’t want to back-up or exit?

    If we asked you to provide these tips every day would you smile and meet the challenge or melt-down like a normal human? If Tim Wallace is really Batman (see Monday’s post) then WHO is the real Benjamin Warde?

  2. Martin Tolley 26 September, 2017 at 04:36 Reply

    Fantastic. OK. Just how does Ben find these things out? You couldn’t find this trick accidentally. Who owns the “Big Book of Lightroom” where all these secrets are entombed?

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