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Presets – The Ultimate Fighter Lightroom Preset

Last week’s “Twilight Inspired” presets had me admitting that I like vampire shows. This week you’re getting a look into another favorite of mine – The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). There’s even a show I watch called the Ultimate Fighter. Well, a while back I had been watching a UFC match and realized they apply a special effect to all of their photos and videos. So I had to set out to recreate it and came up with some great Lightroom presets as a result.

There’s 3 versions and while they seem to work best on dark dramatic photos, they work on brighter photos as well. It’s just got to be a photo that you want to add a dramatic gritty effect to (probably not a good family portrait effect). It also works great on other types of photos too (check out the example below).

As always, your comments are welcome. Download ’em and let me know what you think.

• Here’s a few examples (click to see it larger).

• Click here to download the presets.

To install:
1) Unzip the preset zip file on to your desktop
2) Go to the Develop module. NOTE: YOU MUST BE IN THE DEVELOP MODULE
3) Go to the Presets panel on the left. Right click anywhere in it and choose “Import”.
4) Select the .lrtemplate files you unzipped in Step 1 and click Import NOTE: DO NOT IMPORT THE ZIP FILE



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  1. JUAN alberto pacheco sauñe 11 November, 2010 at 13:35 Reply

    It works on MAC?? because i’m trying to install and nothig, Anyone can help me please!
    thanks a lot

    • Roman 12 November, 2010 at 00:40 Reply

      @ Juan Excellently it works on Mackintosh! It is established in the folder Develop Preset. Preferences…- Tab Presets – button Show Lightroom Presets Folder… – Lightroom -Develop Presets – User Presets, and paste presets in this folder. Restart Lr.

  2. Tim Zurawski 15 October, 2010 at 05:43 Reply

    Yes, but I already have the year (2010) as a directory and want to place incoming images into their respective dates (the date the image was captured). LR 2.7 automatically added month and day sub-directories for me. All the options in LR 3.2 starts with 2010 (year). Is there a “custom” date option for this?

    I am having to first make a date directory on the hd for the days I know are on the mem card, then import photos there with canon software, then open LR and import/copy to LR database (catalog).

    Sure would be nice if it did it in one swipe like before.

    Maybe it does, but it wants to create a directory with YEAR first. Don’t want YEAR, just want date shot, like October 15 and have it pointed to automatically generate the dates the images were taken, UNDER A DIRECTORY THAT ALREADY EXISTS WHICH IS THE YEAR. So I don’t keep getting 2010-October 15, 2010-October 16 etc.

    Hope this makes it clearer. I think I just need a custom date option.
    Thank you.
    TimZ – NewLine Photo

  3. Adam 5 October, 2010 at 06:03 Reply


    On the import dialog, under Destination, change Organize to create subfolders by date.

    Apologies if that’s not what you meant!

  4. Tim Zurawski 1 October, 2010 at 20:08 Reply

    LR3 – win vista 32 – Canon 5D Mkii Just upgraded from 2.7. Lots of neat features BUT…

    The old (2.7) import dialog or selection window brought files in from the cf card and automatically generated date sub directories on the designated hd – i.e., October 1, October 2, October 3 etc. It brought the photos into the hd and placed them in the date directory (that it generated on the fly) that the images were taken.

    If I am on vacation or away and I shoot several days with the same cf card, when I come in the the studio to bring them into the computer, I did not have to analyze each photo and it’s date and create a new date sub-directory. LR did it for me.

    Now I have to go to hd, create the directory date(s) that I know I shot on and then select and manually distribute those to the appropriate dates.

    I know that LR 3.2 does keep track of that info (Metadata tab), but that doesn’t help with the import and “auto-organization” of 2.7.

    I have searched the net and I know I am not alone here. However I have found numerous videos on why that method isn’t the best (in other people’s opinion).

    Adobe started me with this process with the first LR and my entire file structure in the hd’s are based on the process that they started me on.

    It is obvious that the Adobe techies are sharp. Could we PLEASE see this feature come back into LR 3.x.

    Thank You,
    Tim Zurawski, mas
    NewLine Photography

  5. Les 30 September, 2010 at 19:23 Reply

    HDR function to merge different exposures AND different focus points. The plug-ins are nice but I know Adobe can do it better.

    • Sean Molin 11 November, 2010 at 12:57 Reply

      I’ve been following Phamster’s work for quite a while (he does live just a few miles down the road from me)… and this is a fairly easy effect.

      Split tone to get the shadows a purple hue, and play with lowering contrast, rising brightness/exposure.

      See how far that gets you. Remember a lot of times its in how they were shot. I know Phamster is an avid off-camera lighting user (Elinchrom Quadras and deep octa being his favorite).

  6. Marcie_H 27 September, 2010 at 19:40 Reply

    I love the UFC stuff. I’ve enjoyed looking at the graphics in their magazine and on the show. Oh, I do enjoy watching the fights too. LOL I keep thinking I’d like to try to make one of the t-shirts they wear when they walk out. Very cool. Can’t wait to try this, thanks!


  7. Carlos 27 September, 2010 at 09:36 Reply

    The twilight inspired presets are ok, but I find this ones (ultimate fighter) really good, I just tested it and found it really effective. Thanks for sharing such excellent stuff, and for your effective and precise explanations for everything – as usual!!

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