Your Questions for Adobe?

Hey folks. I’m at the airport waiting for a flight to Minneapolis to meet with the Lightroom developer team (and product manager Tom Hogarty). I’m meeting Scott up there, and part of our trip is to carry the message from you on what you want to see in Lightroom (we’ve gotten lots of feedback from people in the last few months). I’m really looking forward to it because, while I’ve met parts of the team here and there, I’ve never been able to sit down with all of them and really spend some time talking about the program that we all really dig. So, here’s my question. What kind of questions do you have for Adobe? Are they feature requests? Then post ’em here as a comment. If you just have a question then post it and I’ll do my best to see if I can help out. Thanks and have a great day.


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  1. This may already be out here however I was unable to locate it.

    is there an easy process to identify multiple copies of photo’s within lightroom? Not virtual copies, they are identifed with copy number, but other photos that for some reason have multiple copies in he library.

    I’d like to be able to identify these and remove them.

    Any suggestions or recommendations? Thank you

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  2. Matt, I find your ‘Killer Tips’ Podcast very intuitive, but there is one very simple detail that intrigues me: How do you make the icons of Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom ‘float’ in the center of the screen? I have searched but have never found how to do it.

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  3. I think is a contradiction with this non destructive software and the fact you have to export image in a lower res folder to then be able to send by mail. Why LR engineers can’t offer a similar send via email like in photomechanic.

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  4. Hi, I’m a mac user and about to buy a Mac Pro desktop computer. I’m wondering how much power I really need regarding a graphics card, RAM and processor. I thought this would make a good topic for your podcasts! There’s variables to consider, like what other programs one might be running, file sizes, etc etc. But I’m sure you or Adobe could give some hints. This could apply to PCs too of course.


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  5. Hi, MAtt!

    In Lkghtroom 3 I used “Copy & Add” (instead of “Add”) when importing photos from my external drive. The result is copies of the folders appear on my desktop. Before I delete these duplicated folders, am I correct in thinking Lightroom will be sourcing the photos from the external drive?
    Tx in advance for your advice.

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  6. 1. Better slideshow functionality. The ability to add more than one sound track in custom order and with total duration indicated would be highly appreciated.
    2. A faster video rendition of slideshows would be nice.
    3. Content aware healing brush (not just spot healing) is really needed.
    4. Undo button!


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  7. Stock photographers really need the ability to have Lightroom save and display keywords in the order they choose instead of alphabetically. As it is now, it’s necessary to go into Bridge/Photoshop to enter metadata keywords to get this functionality.

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  8. Speed. Please add GPU hardware acceleration like FastPictureViewer has. Sometimes I prefer this fast pircture viewer for first sorting my photos. It saves an hour or more for a session – for basic tasks – focus checking, deletion of bad shots and rating. You could have spend 1/10 time in LIghtroom if it was more speedy. (I am mostly working on core 2 dou 3 GHZ PC – maybe a bit old but still speedy machine).

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  9. 1. I need to set the file name on exported photos – just like it is in “Fast Stone Image Vierer”

    2. I would like to be able to display more than three fields in the option: “Lupe view”. For example:
    1 line: “Exposure and iso”
    2 line: “lens setings”
    3 line: “metering mode”
    4 line: “Exposure bias”

    1 line: field one: “Exposure and iso”, field two “none”
    2 line: field one: “lens setings”, field two “none”
    3 line: field one: “metering mode”, field two “Exposure bias”

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  10. Greetings from germany,

    I miss two funktions in Lightroom 3
    first:pick up a color
    second: make a selection by polygon or freehand (in german to say “lasso” 😉

    THX – Michael

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  11. This question might not be the appropriate one for this post but I’ll ask anyways… When importing images into LR2, I’m noticing that upon import my images look the way I remember them looking in camera.. but as soon as the rendering begins/ends the images look completely different. I prefer them to look like they do upon initial import before the rendering happens. Is there some setting preference I’m missing or setting correctly??? I would really appreciate some help with this.
    Thank you!

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  12. Lightroom: Ability to edit Presets. I want to select the preset and manage the existing setting(s).

    For example, I set clarity to high and all I want to do is to change it from 50 to 25 or I no longer want the White Balance to Auto.

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  13. Why would you even think of merging with the least creative company in the digital world?
    Frightening to contemplate!
    If it ain’t broke break it…

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  14. Hey Matt,

    Tell Adobe thanks first of all for a great program that has revolutionized photographers’ workflow and that is super fun and enjoyable to work with. Then, these wish list items:

    – cloning or content aware fill with ability to change shape of tool. Maybe a lasso type selection feature.

    – lens profiles for wayyyyyyy more profiles including older lenses, not just currently available lenses.

    – Transform tools like skew, free transform, distort, perspective, warp, etc. To adjust lines for architectural type images.

    – better, newer templates for Web Module.

    – faster overall performance esp. Zooming in to 1:1 rendering.

    – simpler noise/sharpening interface. Although I know how to use all of the sliders, too time consuming getting the right combo. And each image seems to require different combos.

    – keyboard shortcuts menu as in Photoshop to customize shortcuts and re- assign.

    – ability to use plugins within program like in Photoshop. Not export to standalone plugin program.

    – License Nik U-point – makes adjusting specific areas do much easier, faster and better.


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  15. This may seem a bit specialist, but at work, where we archive images for long-term storage, we find Lightroom a terrific metadata entry tool. With the exponential rise in the number of images, we together with a lot of others, are looking at JPEG2000 as the format to replace TIFF. So my wish is that Lightroom would support JPEG2000.

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  16. I am still learning LR, but I would definitely welcome improvements to the organizing aspect. I’d really like to see delete ability from collections (without the complicated keystroke combo).

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  17. The ability to quickly see, and manipulate, the pixel count on an image. The crop function works, but it would be really nice to have an Image Size dialogue box that functions the way it does in Photoshop.

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  18. 1. Image resize and saved for web (jpg, tiff etc) similar to Photoshop
    2. WYSIWYG not only in the loupe but on the working version. I’m referring to the Develop module when working with Presets. Sometimes I need a bigger “sample” of what I’m trying to edit with different presets without having to revert back to the original. Unless I’m wrong, doesn’t each preset build upon the next if it’s not reverted back to the original image?

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  19. This may be too late for you this time. One thing I could really use is the print to file option is great but I should be able to keep the original file name and add a number if needed etc. Many people rely on back printers for packaging and identification and hand typing in each name ruins the packagizer for the purpose of any type of bigger package runs.

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  20. – include adjustment toggle switches for ALL adjustments, there isn’t any toggle for “Basic” adjustments
    – need larger toggle switches an sliders, it’s terrible when working with a wacom pen. At least to opt. in/out in preferences
    – Sliders for UI brightness config. in preferences instead of fixed presets.
    – Smarter “Reset” dialogues for adjustment panels and reset option for every single available adjustments. C’mon there is plenty of space in the adjustments description bar.
    – in Library Mode, move “Cancel” & “Import” button next to “check all” “uncheck all buttons”
    – using crop tool optional without grid, for now i have to go fullscreen to get rid of the grid.
    – Highlighted Brush areas in clone or heal mode are in my way and annoying. Momentary workaround is to deactivate the brush tool for previews.
    Still annoying that the brush preview is in my way of sight when trying to remove spots.
    – Brush resizing, preview like in Ps CS. Customizable Brush tips anyone?

    Still, need to done a lot of things in LR. The Handling and Interface is annoying.

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  21. I may be missing something.
    With the flickr upload if I edit an image I have already published It is there ready for publishing again. But yet to find a way to not publish it other than deleting it??

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  22. I know you’ve got a lot, but I thought I’d add a away to have a central catalog set up (maybe on a server or just a home desktop) where if you were out and about on a laptop, you could work out of an entire catalog without cluttering up the laptop HD with the actual raw files.

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    • You can do than now. Export all or part of your library to your laptop. You will have the options to:

      o Export selected photos only
      o Export negative files
      o Include available previews

      You will want to exclude negative files but export the previews.

      If you add to the library on your laptop you can export the extra photos as a catalog and them import to your master catalog on your home desktop. However, if you are updating keywording or adjustments then I do not belive there is a synchronizing feature.


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  23. I know you already met with Adobe but I wanted to add what I think would be a cool suggestion. I would love to be able to color label specific brushes within the brush picker. That way I would know which brushes “I love” in a set and/or which I ones I am using on a project. It often is easy to confuse brushes.

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  24. 1. Preset drop-down lists (such as in the import dialog) should be organized in hierarchical folders (just as they are defined in the develop module). Now you have to scroll through an endless list which is very cumbersome.

    2. Content-based search modules (“Query by image”) in addition to the meta-data based SQL search engine. It would be nice to specify filters or smart collections based on criteria like “same colour tone like a given reference image”. It would also be nice to open that area by plugin apis so that 3rd party developers could deliver specialized content-based search modules

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  25. +1 on network capability. My use case is a little different from those I’ve seen described – but I think it may become more popular in future.

    Many folks have asked for a good solution for laptop + desktop. And some are in small (or not so small) corporate environments where they want to have several people share a common database.

    In my case it’s just several computers around the house. There’s one desktop, in my home-office, where I do serious work; but it’s nice to be able to do lightweight stuff – especially selection and tagging – in the family room while the kids are still awake, or etc.

    Actually the best of all solution for that would be a capability to link to an ipad over the network. The ipad seems ideally suited for reviewing and adding metadata.

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  26. Where is the full size preview for presets in Lightroom?? The preview on the upper left is nice but it would be SO nice if the main image showed the preview when you hover over the preset.

    Thanks, Matt!

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  27. How about a peaking-function like the Sony videocam HVR-Z1 has: It shows little red dots where the image is tack-sharp. (I’d prefer to have that in my camera, but even in postproduction..) ..this would help to *quickly* scroll throgh a set of similar pictures and decide where focus sits (f.ex. eyes, nose, ears…).

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  28. 1) Network Capability — over ethernet and over internet.

    2) Better brushes — for more things

    3) Better means for tagging photos — with Metadata (that other applications can read) and with Keywords (which are essentially proprietary to lightroom). Metadata standards are too limited. Keywords that use parent-child methods would be good. You folks would have to figure it out. Better methods for organizing.

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  29. Please ask them to be more careful with their new versions/updates. Version 3.2 just fixed a problem introduced in Version 3 of sometimes crashing on launching. Thanks Matt

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  30. Expand the functionality of the Spot Removal tool so it performs more like the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop.

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  31. Remove the concept of “Collection Set”, and let every Collection contain both pictures and Collections.
    It is a real PITA right now to rearrange the Collections’ hierarchy.

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  32. When you come out with a nice new feature like tethering It would be nice If you could make it work for more than canon and nkon cameras. I bought lr3 only to get this surprise. Do you plan on making this work for Pentax k10d in any future updates?

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  33. Firsrt Off …. great job in developing a fab piece of software . I would like to suggest a feature that will allow you to key up / down over the Presets , by using the arrow keys. Keep up the great work

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  34. Maybe not a LR question, but there’s a few people wondering where adobe’s 64-bit dng codec is

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  35. I would like a suffix such as VC, VC2, VC3 etc. added to virtual copies. This would allow distinguishing them from each other with a specific file name on a contact sheet. Thanks.

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    • I would like to amend my 1st comment. I would like the Vc-01, VC-02 file name to show up when I print proofs with the file name showing.

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  36. LR3 – win vista 32 – Canon 5D Mkii Just upgraded from 2.7. Lots of neat features BUT…

    The old (2.7) import dialog or selection window brought files in from the cf card and automatically generated date sub directories on the designated hd – i.e., October 1, October 2, October 3 etc. It brought the photos into the hd and placed them in the date directory (that it generated on the fly) that the images were taken.

    If I am on vacation or away and I shoot several days with the same cf card, when I come in the the studio to bring them into the computer, I did not have to analyze each photo and it’s date and create a new date sub-directory. LR did it for me.

    Now I have to go to hd, create the directory date(s) that I know I shot on and then select and manually distribute those to the appropriate dates.

    I know that LR 3.2 does keep track of that info (Metadata tab), but that doesn’t help with the import and “auto-organization” of 2.7.

    I have searched the net and I know I am not alone here. However I have found numerous videos on why that method isn’t the best (in other people’s opinion).

    Adobe started me with this process with the first LR and my entire file structure in the hd’s are based on the process that they started me on.

    It is obvious that the Adobe techies are sharp. Could we PLEASE see this feature come back into LR 3.x.

    Thank You,
    Tim Zurawski, mas
    NewLine Photography

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  37. Ken burns and themes for slideshow
    Books module and Books/prints store. Who better than Adobe could manage out colors?
    Some kind of softproofing for external lab printing

    Thanks Matt

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  38. I’d like to be able to add GPS data to EXIF manually, from a .gpx file and by dragging a pin on a map like flickr.

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  39. Hire Mike Chaney (Qimage author) to develop a good print module for LR.

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  40. Wishes:
    Local adjustments to support Recovery, fill light and blacks

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  41. Tell Adobe to take the next step.

    Merge Elements with Lightroom and givr full plugin support.

    Aperture will do this so beat them to it.

    Photoshop has its place with commercail and graphic artists, finish building Lightroom for photographers…

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  42. One more major wish (altho’ your meeting is over I assume Adobe is still collecting data) – I would LOVE to be able to move/copy files from one location to another as easily as is done in Windows. Or, as an alternative, it would help immensely if file-moving done outside of LR was easily recognized/adjusted inside LR.

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  43. I have a feature request. When using a commercial hierarchy (I sell one, so have a vested interest, we need some way to keep the hierarchy from being “polluted” by the keywords applied via the Keywording panel, or another app.

    Current implementation makes it very difficult to use a commercial hierarchy (not a problem if you don’t use one). Some means needs to be added to hide the keywords applied using the Keywording panel or to keep them separate from the hierarchy.

    For example since hierarchies have a nodal structure, you could show all the nodes at the top in the Keyword List panel and the applied keywords list at the bottom (possibly even another panel).

    Bridge does this by calling keywords applied via the Metadata panel, or another app, Other Keywords and lists them below the hierarchy. It doesn’t interrupt the hierarchy when you use the Metadata panel to add keywords.

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  44. I’d like to have some advanced filtering options. For example, when shooting RAW+JPEG, which I do a lot, it’s very cumbersome to pick and reject images. I have to pick or reject every image twice.. for the JPEG and RAW versions, as they’re separate files.

    In grid view, I have duplicates. If I show only jpeg images and pick/reject those, then I have to repeat the process for the RAW files or leave all the RAW files.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to filter in such way that I can display unrejected JPEGs and flagged RAW or TIFF files. Like this, any rejected JPEGs won’t be displayed and any RAW or tiff files that weren’t marked as PICKED won’t be displayed either.. thus being able to continue cleaning and picking easily without the clutter of the images I know I don’t want.

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  45. Two things come to mind:

    1. Do something with slideshow – It’s the worst or at least close to it.
    2. Navigator window should be sizeable so us old guys can see it.

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  46. I would like to see an iPad app that allows you to do the basic edits and syncs with Lightroom on the mac/pc. Preferably with raw support.

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  47. I have always wanted to have my Raw files imported to lightroom with the a preset that include all adjustments the camera would do to it as if it was a JPEG file. It would be a good start for post processing

    I am not sure it is even possible since each camera does things differently but it would be nice.

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    • @ Motti: right now, the thing that comes closest is to choose a Camera Profile you like in the Camera Calibration Panel (e.g. ‘Landscape’, ‘Portrait’, …) and make a preset out of that, and then apply that preset upon import. These profiles have been made expressly by Adobe to try and match Raw files as much as possible with in-camera JPG’s.

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  48. 1. The possibility to add a border around the photo while exporting. Not ON the photo. A border that fits all sizes. Make a deal with Jeffrey Friedl and make it a feature.
    This combined with the question from John Swarce.

    2. Soft proofing would be a welcome feature too. There’s a lot of requests for this!

    3. More and better control over Print Module.

    4. More options to export movie (more effects (Ken Burns?) – presets – burn to DVD – upload to youtube / vimeo,…)

    5. A server version of the software, where it’s possible to work with several users in 1 database, situated on the server. Than my colleagues would no longer need to bother me when they are looking for something.
    (or the same deal at home: I import my files, do the selection, my wife edits on her computer, I do the final corrections and export it again). Now there’s too much of import-export-import-export- going on and sending files over the network. It could be easier if all things could be shared with one DB. To make it more fun, I work on a Windows based computer, my wife on a Mac. That should be perfectly compatible too 🙂

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  49. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for asking for input. Thanks also for all the useful posts you make.

    1. Networking, even simple networking functions would be apreciated. ie the possibility of working in the same files in the same directory, from different computers.

    2. If not possible, a simple way of synchronising folders on 2 computers from inside LR

    3. User personalised Menu. I use a small mix of commands from different modules and would love to have all of them in a personalised menu.


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  50. When organizing my photos in the library module i’d wish i had something like favorite folders to move photos back and forth. Since the folders section reflects the true hierarchical folder structure, source and destination can be far away. The possibility to define some favorite folders would be great.

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  51. When will Lightroom have a keyboard shortcuts settings capability, to be able to re-assign keyboard shortcuts? Currently, it is a real mess when used with foreign keyboards. e.g. it is impossible to re-assign the “” for Before/After views on a Spanish keyboard.

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  52. I am suffering with the same problem as David. Conversion to DNG does not work on the Second Copy. A search suggests this may be intentional but does not make sense to me. Other comments suggest Adobe missed this omission. Suggestions?

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  53. Have the option to view colors info in RGB

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  54. I would like for there to be a check box at the import level that allows for the previews for RAW files to be generated from the built in jpegs, generated by the camera for the LCD screen. At least that would improve speed on larger preview builds (i.e. Photo Mechanic) and/or allow a starting point for corrections, even when shooting RAW.

    Lr figures that since we shoot RAW, we want to do everything ourselves and it allows us to do that, but that’s not always the case. Most of the time you shoot RAW to have more pixels to tweak, if needed, make creative decisions, have the most information available…etc. It would be a real time saver to have a head start sometimes and at least let us decide if that’s where we want to begin.


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  55. I’ve been finding recently that when I have a photo with a large number of spot removals applied, that it significantly degrades the performance and/or crashes LR. Unlike many of the other adjustments that I like to keep as non-destructive, it would be VERY nice to be able to flatten the spot removal entries, which I really never care to be able to redo at a later time (I’m not that attached to skin blemishes and sensor dust). Of course, I could open the file in PS and then re-open in LR, but I would then lose the editability of the other adjustments. Thus, a spot-removal “flatten” feature would be incredible!

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  56. I’ve been finding recently that when I have a photo with a large number of spot removals applied, that it significantly degrades the performance and/or crashes LR. Unlike many of the other adjustments that I like to keep as non-destructive, it would be VERY nice to be able to flatten the spot removal entries, which I really never care to be able to redo at a later time (I’m not that attached to skin blemishes and sensor dust). Of course, I could open the file in PS and then re-open in LR, but I would then lose the “editability” of the other adjustments. Thus, a spot-removal “flatten” feature would be incredible!

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  57. I’ve been finding recently that when I have a photo with a large number of spot removals applied, that it significantly degrades the performance and/or crashes LR. Unlike many of the other adjustments that I like to keep as non-destructive, it would be VERY nice to be able to flatten the spot removal entries, which I really never care to be able to redo at a later time (I’m not that attached to skin blemishes or sensor dust). Of course, I could open the file in PS and then re-open in LR, but I would then lose the “editability” of the other adjustments. Thus, a spot-removal “flatten” feature would be incredible!

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  58. Ability to view preview presets in a full sized view. Thanks!

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  59. LR3 is great but there are several improvements which I would like to see.

    – Ability to lock images after final adjustments to prevent accidental change
    – Toggle Lock/Unlock control button for above
    – Softproofing

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  60. LR3 is great now but a couple of things I would like to see are.

    – Ability to be able to apply a lock to an image when finally adjusted.
    – Toggle Lock/Unlock button for above
    – Softproofing

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  61. the ability to selectively brush in or remove a preset. Adding an opacity slider to this brush would make it even better

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  62. Since my workflow is heavily preset-based, my wishlist is also preset-biased :-):
    – allow a deeper hierarchy for presets: now, there’s only one folder level possible. This results in very long lists of presets. Please allow more levels to group presets into folders and subfolders
    – allow presets to be put in a user-defined order, instead of the current alphanumerical one. The current workaround (putting 01, 02, 03… in front of your presets you want to appear first) is very DOS & eighties!
    – allow for a possibility to fade presets. A sort of volume control if the preset turns out too strong (or too light).

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  63. 1.) Make the print module with better book-making capabilities. I hate using blurb (and other book maker’s) native software because it’s always too slow and you end up using lightroom to get the photos anyway. Having it in LR would be a welcome change and I think would really just be a few tweaks and additions to the print module.

    2.) Special grouping for HDR and Panos within a collection or library.

    3.) Adjustment brush for skin tone correction (whether it be color temp or hue or something).

    Thanks! Good luck reading all of these!

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  64. Can you give a search option to search for key words and other stuff over different catalog. I have over 1,00,000 pictures, and i cant put all of them in a single i made a catalog for each year and have given keywords.Now when i want to search for a keyword called say”butterfly”, it is spread over all the years catalogs.Right now, it is not possible to search across catalogs.Matt can u request them to include this feature.thanks

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  65. Soft proofing…

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  66. Soft proofing…soft proofing…soft proofing…

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  67. I just wanted to see if you could say THANKS to them? I’m lovin’ LR 3 and any time anyone asks what editing software I use, I proudly say LR. I love that it is SO much easier and more intuitive than PS. I know that LR is still being built and often gets pummeled for not having this or that, but it truly has been a lifesaver for me as I’ve gotten into photography. So thanks to all of you who have worked effortlessly to make it what it is today.

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    • Will do Rachel. I’ve passed this along to them and I’m sure they’ll love hearing it 🙂

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  68. When are they going to remove the need to use photoshop to complete the job? I have only one use for photoshop: to do what lightroom can’t do with masking, layers, etc. “ADOBE. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME BUY THAT EXORBITANTLY EXPENSIVE PRODUCT FOR, LIKE, 4 OR 5 FEATURES!!!”

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  69. Hi Matt,

    The camera calibration section that allows one to choose a profile (i.e., camera portrait, camera vivid) is a Starting Point in the development process. It should be at the top of the Develop panel, not the bottom.



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  70. How about a lens profile for a Nikon 18-105mm? Its the lens that is still shipped with the old Nikon D90 and the new Nikon D7000. There are plenty of them and they are still being made. Some of the existing lens profiles are pretty rare in my opinion.

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  71. Hey Matt,
    Importing from the CF card with Conversion to DNG and creating a 2nd copy does NOT work. The second copy is NOT placed in a sub-folder, the RAW (NEF) is NOT converted to DNG, and the file name is NOT changed. Is this a feature of Lightroom 3, a bug in Lightroom 3, or something else? Will we have to wait for LR4 to get this fixed?

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  72. Hi Matt,
    only two requests:
    1 a clone tool that works like the one in Photoshop PLEASE PLEASE
    2 Ability to type words onto images like in Photoshop PLEASE

    Good luck

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  73. I’d like to see:

    1. The ability to export a group of images while maintaining the folder tree/hierarchy.
    2. Ken Burns effect in Slideshow mode
    3. More third-party plug-ins
    4. the ability to find and eliminate duplicate files
    5. photo books
    6. faster, less quirky rendering (I know that v.3 is much quicker than previous but I’ve experienced some weirdness when jumping around between images (i.e. other images sometimes flash up on screen briefly like when I’m using the crop tool) and there’s still some lag-time as LR seems to continually be re-building previews).
    7. Ability to convert file type to another by overwriting existing (say convert/replace a non-layered TIFF file to a jpeg within the catalog)
    8. support for more file types as well as CMYK just for previewing/organizing purposes

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  74. A real database (eg MySql or postgres), and operation from networked (nfs) storage on a server please. Frankly the excuses for not doing it last time read hollow.

    Oh yes, can I have the print module functionality in Bridge too please?.

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  75. soft proofing please

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  76. Just adding another thought…
    I think it is great that you & Scott are bringing this to Adobe, and I also think its great that they are listening. As I browse this list, I see things that are duplicated many times, some are already in LR3 and some that are likily just not feasible. Why dosen’t Adobe compile lists of feasible changes, and pool the users to see what ones are top of the list and focus on those. We are bombarded with so many surveys on websites these days, but this is one I would gladly spend an hour or so doing, if it means I get that hour back when LR4 comes out.

    I understand that they are probobly doing this sort of thing, but probobly not open the the public.

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  77. Just thought one more… not sure what the way would be, but there is the idea..
    – Some sort of backup management:
    I backup my my camera originals shortly after import after rename and first initial cleaning, but then over time I generate derivatives (panos, hdrs, Photoshop fiels, etc) and I always have a hard time figuring out what I have backed up and what not.. tried a couple of methods to track this (e.g. keywords), but nothing good…
    If LR would offer a customizable backup feature (letting me choose location, format,etc of the copy) the same LR could keep track of what has been saved and what not.

    Tks, ET

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  78. Thanks for asking!
    1. the ability to pick/reject individual pics in compare view
    2. the ability to fit a group of pictures on a disc, either CD or DVD, and have LR scale down the images to fit onto that disc. example: 1000 pics @ 1mb each wont fit onto a CD, so LR scales it down to 600 kb pics and all now fit onto disc.
    3. A simpler way to add watermarks to different locations on a pic without doing seperate export, likewise, using a different watermark in same situation

    +1 for network support

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  79. LR is an excellent program.. I love it… so this seems like greed to me… but since we are asking:
    1- A way to copy selected or all metadata between pictures: When creating HDR, Panos or other composites with external tools I need things like Exif data, GPS data, Dates, location, keywords, etc to be inherited by the new picture, normally from the first original.. if not all my composites are sorted out of order, imposible to find, etc… currently do this manually using exiftool adn a .bat file,, PAINFULL!!!
    2- Photobooks
    3- Geotagging (currently use GeoSetter and like it, but complicates the workflow)
    4- HDR
    5- Panoramas
    6- Improve publish (simple Picasa does a good job in my view)


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  80. First off why do my posts always go to your spam? So if this shows twice – sorry.

    I want something besides a star rating or a keyword that bookmarks (hey good name for it – bookmark) where I last finished processing my photos. Often I come back and wonder where I finished and what I last did to the photos. So maybe a bookmark and a note to go with it PLEASE.

    If there is already something similar please let me know how little I know about LR 😉

    Thanks Matt!

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  81. I want something besides a star rating or a keyword that bookmarks (hey good name for it – bookmark) where I last finished processing my photos. Often I come back and wonder where I finished and what I last did to the photos. So maybe a bookmark and a note to go with it PLEASE.

    If there is already something similar please let me know how little I know about LR 😉

    Thanks Matt!

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  82. Is there anyway to change the tone of vignetting (not the photo just the vignette) to a browner, more sepia tone? The option to adjust this would be nice.

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  83. Password protection.

    Could be simple as only two users: Administrator that can do everything (inport, delete, develop, keywording, etc) and guest that would have restricted read-only access. The guest would do everything that not alter the catalog nor the images, like searches, exporting, etc…

    Useful when there is one or more “developers” and one or more users that only do searches and exporting. This way the second group is not able to mess things up.

    The password could be mandatory only for the administrator user not for the guest.

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  84. I believe the next version of LR should provide a quantum leap in terms of improved photo presentation, e.g. better slide show and website creation. I recently downloaded a trial version of Aperture and was impressed by its slide show features. Let’s go, Adobe!

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  85. Watermark: the rendering/scaling of .png graphic watermarks is not really optimal (actually it’s quite bad…).
    It would be very nice if we could use Illustrator .ai files (like a company logo) as graphic watermark.

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  86. Books. There needs to be a Books module for doing book layouts and possibly even plugins for uploading to various printing services (those could come later as plugins from each company).

    This is one of the major areas that keeps Aperture on many computers that otherwise would be LR only.

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  87. On import a drop down menu to let you choose from preexisting folders. One misspelling or lack of capitilization and you have a new, different folder-ARGH! Lots of comments, tell them thanks for listening.

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  88. I would love to see the ability to save to a 2nd drive when tethered shooting. It works on import so why not tethered.

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  89. I would like see the following in LR:
    1. Clone tool
    2. Face recognition
    3. Soft proofing

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  90. I would like the possibility to link GPS data to photos within Lightroom. At the moment you do need another application (Geosetter for instance) to do that

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  91. Title: *** Archive DNG/RAW to JPEG ***

    Summary: Add a menu option to Archive Photo as JPEG (deletes original and replaces it with a smaller JPEG file)

    My library is huge, and the disk space required to hold all my images is getting bigger and bigger. There’s plenty of jobs I do that require I shoot & process in RAW (and then I import as DNG). After I deliver the images I would still like to keep them, but would rather convert them to JPEG to save space (some I might keep as DNG, but the majority I would archive as JPEG). So, a similar option like the “Convert Photo to DNG…” but “Archive Photo as JPEG…”. It would give the option of keeping or deleting the original file, and then options as to what size/quality the JPEG file should be. There is a workaround that I use at the moment (I export as JPEG and add to catalog and stack with original then manually delete the DNG). Not very elegant…

    Oh, and I’d love to have network support (multiple people accessing the LR library across the network).

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    • Hi Tate,

      I have done a similar thing myself manually that may be of interest. Basically I created a post export script that deletes the passed image(s) to the recycle bin. I use this script on an export action that exports to JPG in the same location and re-adds to the Library, then the script runs and deletes the CR2 file. The only annoying thing is it then requires a second step where all the relevant CR2 files (still highlighted in Lightroom) show up as missing and then I just press delete to remove them from the Library.

      It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a work around. I can find the script and explain it if it helps.


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  92. 1 – Draw all the georeferenced photos on a map
    2 – Search by place
    3 – Lightroom for Linux!

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  93. I’d like to see an option when exporting a slideshow to choose to save it in a PAL format. That would be so useful for us Brits. It would also be good to have the option when applying a preset for it to add to the corrections already applied to a picture rather than to replace them.
    Lightroom is a great program and I can’t wait to see what features turn up in Lightroom 4.

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  94. I’m wondering how is it possible to give an option (radio button maybe) to “freeze” a picture that ‘far away ‘ modified but also reset all modification slider from Lr, so I can go much more further modification on that last “frozen ” picture.
    On latest Lr version, if I want to go further on editing picture while all the slider I want to use is already on the edge, then I should export it first, then import again to library, then I can edit some more…Just like a virtual copy option…

    Thanks Matt, I hope I can make it a clear sentence, sorry for my english. I’m from Indonesia

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  95. I’d like Lightroom to have a real brush….not just a spot removal circle/tool.

    It would also be great to change the size/feathering of the brush like you can in CS4/5 (holding down control & option while moving the mouse left/right or up/down).

    Thanks Matt, for all of your great work w/LR!!!

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  96. Given the popularity of infra-red photography, can Adobe add , maybe as “cameras”, the infrared conversions that are available out there. Just as an example, the Life Pixel/canon 30D conversion to pure infra-red (no self interest there 🙂 ). Right now it uses the Bayer algorithm native to the Canon 30D which unnecessarily complicates the decode and blurs the image.

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  97. Looks like you got plenty of ideas from all of the happy LR users. Enjoy your visit to Arden Hills and make some time to play up here. Raptor Center is flying Bald Eagles in Como Park on Thursday if you are looking for something different to shoot. Let’s do a photo shoot… or just dinner and a beer. Ben

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    • Thanks Ben. We were just in for the day. We had a 7pm flight out so we didn’t get to do much sigh seeing.

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  98. Without a doubt the number one feature that I would love to see added is Network Library Support. I cannot even begin to count the number times I wish I had a networked library that I could access via my desktop or laptop.

    With 10s of thousands of images, it would be extremely valuable to be able to access a central library from a remote location (like at a shoot site, or clients house…).

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  99. I would like to see a publish to adobe where I share a lot of my photos. It would be very handy and Hey they have to be related.

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  100. I’d like to have the ability to scan slides/negatives/prints from LR directly into a folder and/or collection.

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  101. I just thought of a couple more. I would like to see 2 things that were present in LR2 but removed in LR3 brought back again (at least as options):
    1) LR3 no longer automatically creates a snapshot when a photo is first imported or added as a result of external editing. LR3 does create a history state for this, but I tend to clear my history once I’m done processing and like to have that snapshot available to get back to the original state.
    2) During import, if you select the “Make a second copy to” option, LR2 automatically created a sub-folder for each import named with the date and time underneath the designated folder. LR3 does not. So, in LR3, if you don’t want all your import backups dumped into one (very) large folder, you have to manually change the folder name every time you import. It makes the import presets much less useful since you have to change it every time.

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  102. Performance is good most of the time but I find when editing a rather large (say 100-200) number of images, sometimes the computer seems to hang and I get the spinning blue circle and monitor will gray-out until LR finishes some task(s) which I have no idea what they are. Then it’s back to editing as usual. [Win 7 X64, i7 X980 6 cores, 3.33 GHz, 12 GB ram.] Don’t know if this is a computer problem or a LR 3.2 problem.

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  103. I would like to see an enhancement to the multiple monitor support such that you can have an entire module (complete with all side panels, film strip, etc.) on the second monitor rather than just a grid or loupe view. Having the library module on one monitor and the develop module on the other monitor would be heaven!

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  104. 1. Integrated keyboard shortcuts for development settings such as exposure, blacks, brightness, etc.
    I know there are plugins available, but they require lots of setting up or are PC only or, or….

    2. change of sensitivity for the adjustment sliders to allow finer adjustment. for example: move the mouse normal, but slider only moves at half the speed.

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  105. First off – thank the Team for a wonderful product. However…

    1. Localized editing for all edit controls. Period.
    2. Fix halo effect in auto mask.
    3. Open it up to third parties. Where are the filter venders? What about third party noise control. We need third parties included in the parametric model.
    4. Geocoding.
    5. Make file management easier. Try moving 30 folders at once. Or let me know if this is possible!
    6. Create a robust tokenized metadate text builder and make it available for all text entry. Include ALL metadata please.

    Thanks for the opportunity to wish and hopefully to be heard.

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  106. Hi Matt how about trying to get them to add HDR to Lightroom 4
    Have a safe trip Jerry

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    I love Lightroom! but it was created with Photographers in mind, and what Photographer doesn’t have photos that have unwanted items….telephone wires especially, in them? We need a healing brush with content aware just like CS5!!!!!!!! That spot removal tool is totally inadequate when it comes to big removal jobs. But again, I Love Lightroom!

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  108. I’d like to see a new publish service:
    one to publish to my WordPress blog

    and probably not considered a publish service, but I’d
    like a way to export and upload to ROES
    for printing by my local service

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  109. Nearly forgot… number one preference

    – Relative adjustment presets. Presets on import are great but once you’ve started edting your images they really are completely pointless at the moment since they replace your current settings rather than altering them.

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    • I was just watching Matt’s video on getting prints to match the brightness on screen and came back to this thread to request relative presets, but it seems you beat me to it.

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  110. – Better folder synchronisation/import performance for larger libraries. LR1 was quick, LR2 was slow and then was fixed in updates, now LR3 is back to slow again. I’ve got a largish catalog (but certainly not huge) and when I sync the folder it detects fairly quickly how many images are new, but then when I click to import them it takes nearly a minute of displaying me my WHOLE catalog in the import window and then gradually removing the images it has already imported (ie all but the new ones).

    – Rotate video flag. I don’t mind if it doesn’t edit the video but atleast let us play it back at the correct rotation.

    – Proper editing/saving of video metadata. I don’t mind if it doesn’t edit video at all, but let us at least edit the capture time and save keywords back into the file itself.

    – Keyword organiser. They constantly need tidying up and the long scroll window just doesn’t really cut it.

    – A proper way to remove default presets that we don’t want. Currently I use Sean McCormack’s great workaround since I don’t use ANY of the default presets.

    – Better threading/scheduling. When I run an export either my disk is busy or my cpu is, but almost never both… it should be pre-loading the next images while processing the current ones.

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  111. I would like a keyboard shortcut to open as smart object.
    and as mentioned by several other to add multiple songs to a slide show.

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  112. Whatever happended to more modules? I remember when LR was first launched there was talk about the module structure and the fact that further modules could be added in the future, either by Adobe or 3rd party developers. A photobook module would be the obvious (and highy desirable) one for me but I can imagine social networking and other new trends could be addressed this way as well.

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  113. Other requests:

    1. I agree that there should be an option to backup the underlying images on exit along with the catalog.

    2. The Preview window in the develop module should be bigger. Specifically, it would useful to display it on a 2nd monitor. This is because when scrolling through develop presets, I often find the preview window is too small to make an informed decision.

    3. It should be possible to select multiple images, then click a keyword and have it apply to ALL of the selected images. Right now, when you click on a keyword, it only applies to the “superselected” image. This would speed up applying keywords (yes, I’m aware of the spraypaint option, but I don’t really work that way).

    4. Group selections should be less sticky. For example, if I select 5 images then enter survey mode, when I return to loupe mode and click on another image in the selected group, I would like the selection of the other images to be removed and ONLY have the specific image selected (similar to how Windows Explorer works). Right now, I have to first click on an image outside of the selection in order to cancel the group selection, and then back to the single image I want to use.

    5. I second the above request for multiple export options. I frequently export full-size images for print, and smaller images for e-mail. It would be nice to be able to do both at once.

    6. In the Import module, there should be a checkbox to maximize import performance and 1:1 preview generation. I seem to remember reading that the Lightroom team intentionally chose not to have Lightroom use full CPU capacity in order to allow users to do other work while images are imported. We should be able to choose what is most important to us: multitasking while using other programs or import speed.

    And I second the thanks expressed by everyone above. Lightroom is great program and something I am constantly recommending.


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  114. With the video features in new digital cameras, is there going to be in the future a Lightroom for videographers or include a tool(s) inside Lightroom for video editions and mix photos with videos that will be cool.


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  115. My Feature requests – Add wacom tablet capabilities to LR 4

    And, allow different TYPES of brushes for spot healing – I don’t always need a ROUND brush – how about adding a square and maybe an oval shape.

    Add more lens into the lens correction module -specifically LENSBABY LENS!

    When painting in or painting out a color – Why can’t we choose – PURE white or PURE BLACK – instead it’s a color wash – it’s not really a PURE color – and, yes I checked with Lisa at NAPP – no way Jose to do this… I do lots of photo restorations or just B & W photos. I want to paint in B & W.. no can do.. why the heck not.. Black and white are colors..

    Slideshow – why can’t I add more than one tune – for longer slide shows???

    And, reading the above comments – I agree – my biggest TIME WASTER – is going back and forth between the Library and develop modules – COMBINE THEM!

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  116. More overall support for Pentax; especially lens profiles.


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  117. An option to select the metadata I want to see in the metadata panel and create a preset. In addition, the ability to choice from all available metadata.
    (I still don’t understand why the Subject Distance value is removed and why I can’t at it. If I wanted to be restricted in my work, I would have used a Mac 🙂 ).

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  118. 1 – Make Lightroom network compatible so more than one person can access a catalog simultaneously

    2 – Convert masks made with brushes and gradient tools into Alpha channels when opening image in photoshop

    2 – Add ability to search folder names

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      • Thanks for the David Ziser link. My tech knowledge is limited – I don’t know that there’s a way to implement it on our Mac systems and I don’t think his solution fits my needs. It still sounds like an awkward work around & I use plenty of those already. I run a small photo department in a museum – myself & two assistants. It’s basically an in-house picture agency – we shoot assignments and manage a stock picture collection of about 70,000 images that we manage through Lightroom. Despite its network short comings, the other features are awesome and amazing time savers


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  119. Network Capability!

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  120. 1. Slideshow – I ditto Scott Kelby’s comments in his blog. Make it competitive with Aperture.

    2. Add the ability to change camera setting in the application while in tethered mode.

    3. Add more video functionality.

    4. Photo books

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  121. Haven’t read through the responses yet, but here’s what I would likemost:

    Image Stacking & Blending – for multiple exposures, HDR, & Pano work.

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  122. Here’s my wish list

    – Apply a tone curve to an adjustment brush
    – Apply just about everything with an adjustment brush
    – Export to multiple formats and dimensions in a single step
    – No more discrepancies with ACR and older versions of Photoshop (I can render with Lightroom to edit in CS4 but would much prefer that ACR be completely independent so that it could be upgraded without upgrading Photoshop)
    – Ability to designate an alternate drive/directory to store previews
    – Ability to designate an alternate drive/directory to store edits
    – Ability to run in a network environment
    – Better use of multiple CPU cores (threading)
    – Possibility to tweek the duration and transition of individual photos within a Slideshow
    – Possibility to add multiple sound files to a slideshow
    – Facial recognition similar to Picasa’s capabilities
    – Many of the great requests found in previous posts!

    Thanks for asking!


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  123. Could there be a way to *not* import video into LR? Like a checkbox in the import dialog box that reads “do not import video files”.

    I keep my video files in iMovie (seems fitting to keep them there).

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  124. 1. I’d like clearer png watermark sizing. It gives some strange 1-15 size scale. What do these numbers mean? It is practically impossible to have on exported photo exact size as png watermark file dimension. It always bigger or smaller, but not exact. I’d rather stick to % of original transparent watermark png file dimension.

    2. HDR as everybody here voted.

    3. Really need simple GPS entry field. I can get those coordinates from google maps or other way. Why is it impossible just to add it to a photo?

    4. Better sharpening, at least on export. I after export always use batch photoshop actions to sharpen result after LR.

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  125. In a future release, or update, of Lightroom I would like to see an option that allows the use to whether the catalog should be optimized and backed up when Lightroom is opened or when the application is closed. My personal preference is to backup the catalog when Lightroom is first opened so at the end of my edit session I don’t have to wait for the backup task to complete before shutting down my workstation. Tis a small inconvenience and I won’t cry a river of tears if this enhancement isn’t included in an upgrade.

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  126. 1. I would like to see a lasso or patching tool like Photoshop has.
    2. Content aware fill

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  127. Wow! A lot of comments. I’d just like to echo several other folks request.

    1. Content aware healing
    2. borders and text in the print module
    3. HDR and pano support
    4.Additional file format support. e.g. PNG
    5. Directory support for the development presets
    6. Network support. My wife uses a Mac and I use a PC, it’d be great if we could work from a NAS.
    7. Ability to add geo tagging after the fact
    8. Key word hierarchy.

    Overall, LR3 is one cool program. The LR team has done a very good job so far. I suspect that even were they able to incorporate all of our ideas, we’d find some more ideas for them.

    John Newton

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  128. With the “recent” addition of HD quality video to almost all new DSLR’s I would love to see lightroom support video. I am currently colour correcting footage in lightroom by making an image sequence out of the clips, syncing the settings, exporting thousands of images and re configuring them into video. If there was native support for video in lightroom…oh my.

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  129. For these old eyes, it would be great if the Navigator could be one of the viewing options on a secondary monitor. As now implemented, the image is too small to provide adequate clues as to what the photo would look like if the preset were selected.

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  130. 1. A simple way to delete presets that one never uses
    2. A tick-box to allow us to use the same sub-folder name on our secondary drive as we are using on our primary drive.
    3. Soft proofing
    4. Content aware fill

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  131. Will there be an export preset for mobileme Gallerys ?

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  132. Ability to capture and catalog video from my video camera, not just from DSLR and Compacts.

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  133. How can I have the full list of lenses available in the Lens Correction Profiles? My list is much shorter then the published list on the Adobe Lightroom site. Is there a download that is available?

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  134. 1. Fix the slideshow module so that it actually does fit the slides to a soundtrack! This is still not working in 3.2 on my Dell or my brand new MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles.
    2. Allow the survey mode on a dual monitor in 3.2 to work the same way as in 2.7, i.e. giving me the ability to flag an image from that screen even if it is not the selected image.
    3. For LR4, please make it network friendly.



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  135. I’ve got to add my vote for items mentioned:

    Networking support
    Stacking in Collections
    Content aware items

    New idea : built-in store for presets, plugins, web

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  136. An erase brush for the gradient filter, so you can, for example, use the gradient filter on the background, then use a brush to erase the filter’s effect on the foreground.

    Instead of limiting the gradient and brush filter to the current seven effects, have a gradient and brush filter for each Basic, Tone Curve, HSL/Color/B&W, Split Toning, Detail, and Effects panels.

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  137. 1. Stacking in Collections
    2. Importing images directly into folder selected in Library View
    3. Ability for Spot Removal tool to paint


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  138. I’d like to be able to give catalogs/parts of catalogs to others. So I’d like a Lightroom Viewer (similar to Adobe Reader). There’s so much annotations that I’ve made in the IPTC/EXIF areas, but there isn’t a really good way for others to read them (Picasa is getting better).

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  139. 1. Option to change gps link from Google Maps to Goole Earth.
    2. Better behavior of grid scrolling…no more partial cells at both top and bottom. Same for both mouse and keyboard.

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  140. I want to be able to choose serveral songs or a playlist when using the SLIDESHOW module.
    Soft proofing


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  141. Abilty to paint develop presets as an effect would drastically improve functionality. One could essentially define any combination of HSL, curve etc as a preset, then paint this to any region of a photo.

    Improved cloning and spot removal (potentially with the content aware engine).

    Abiliy to do content aware “stretching” (not sure what this is called in PS)

    Improved HDR effects on 1 photo…plus ability to merge multiple photos for HDR

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  142. Matt,
    I don’t know when or if my long list will appear, but I wanted to add being able to organize presets so that we can have nested groups of presets. That way I can group similar sets presets and those sets of infrequently used presets that just clutter the list.

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  143. I’d love to see a better spot remover ala content aware as in Photoshop. The current version is inadequate for precision and hence, I need to go into PS5 if and when I detect an unwanted spot.

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  144. Would like to see the following for LR3:
    1. Better sharpening
    2. HDR processing
    3. Combine Library and Develop modules
    4. Content Aware tool
    5. Soft proofing for printing


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  145. Sorry if this is a duplicate
    Thanks to LR team…LR3 great work!!!! The ability to do rule # 5 rocks!!

    Content aware

    The ability to to read and or save layers as psd files in print mod….so many great templates already availible for album/card design
    the way LR is set up not sure you would even need clipping mask?

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  146. I really want to be able to paint in vignette and other panels. Sometimes the adjustment brush just isn’t enough.

    I hope places will come to Lightroom too. I want to be able to search by place.

    Lightroom needs better search options and smart folder options.

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  147. Geotagging: a map like Aperture, and the ability to read .gpx files
    Full screen view (again like Aperture)

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  148. 1. Either add the clone stamp or some way to select an area to use the spot removal on (not just a single point at a time). Think about removing a telephone wire from a shot… you currently have to use a handful of spot removal spots. Something more akin to Content Aware Fill would be great.
    2. Liquify. I am asked to use it so much, that not going to PS for it would be great.
    3. Soft proofing.
    4. Add more parameters to the Adjustment Brush tool… Fill Light, Recovery, maybe HSL.

    Other than that… GREAT JOB on LR3!!!

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  149. This may sound a bit nit picky, but one of the things that really bugs me is that when you are in the Print module’s Print Job panel, you to to the Print to: JPEG File. You have to retype in the whole name of the image with a jpg ending. You can select it in explorer if you are in the right directory, but lots of times you are not in the saving to the same directory. I save down lots of the Virtual Copies this way if I want to remember a certain look I was using since Virtual Copies are not in the sidecar file but stay with the catalog. Thanks for asking.

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  150. I would love the ability to make books in LR. I also would love it if CTRL+E opened a whole series of highlighted photos, not just just the one highlighted in the selection. I have to right click to open a whole group at once.

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  151. Photo Book Creation & Printing in the print module.

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  152. Feature request: provide for use of alternate color models for color values displayed under the histogram.

    Currently, the color under the cursor is indicated as a percentage of its red-green-blue components. I would like to have the option to have the color referenced by other models:

    – Lab (pretty please?)
    – “traditional” (e.g. 0-255)
    – HSV/HSL/HSB?
    – CMYK?

    Thanks for the consideration.


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  153. Here are my top requests:

    1. Soft Proofing

    2. A real search editor similar to OSX Finder so you can do real compound queries (especially since your using a SQL database). Requested this one since I was on the User Research Group for LR v1

    3. Geo-tagging including reading in track logs.

    4. Ability to edit all metadata. Shouldn’t have to use Exif-Tool.

    5. Have more than 5 labels in a group (should be extended in Bridge as well) because using multiple groups isn’t very elegant.

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  154. Grid overlay on the lens correction tools
    Add the ability to paint with white balance.
    Additional text boxes in the print modal

    Better lens corrections.

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  155. The cumbersome import export method of getting files in and out of Lightroom is the main reason I don’t like to use it. Can’t we just open a file and save it when done?

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  156. I would like to be able to re-arrange the order of the images once in Lightroom. I have had to do work arounds to get this to happen. Thanks Matt! Larry

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    • You can do that by changing the sort criteria from eg. ‘capture time’ in ‘user order’. You can find this in your toolbar at the bottom of your screen (shortcut = T).

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      • Thanks Niels! I was working on a project a couple of weeks ago and I thought I tried to move some of my images in the order I wanted. I thought it didn’t work. I even thought I read that somewhere. Oh well, I just tried it now and of course, it worked. So, I guess I’m good. To quote Rosanne Rosannadannaa, “Never Mind!” Larry

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  157. Panorama stitching. Specially because some good external tools (like Microsoft ICE) don’t preserve the source image’s metadata. Also because LR could manage all images and the final panorama in a single stack.

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  158. more video features — perhaps even the ability to preview a video within lightroom

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  159. A “Cancel” option when you mistakenly close the program. The only present choice is to backup or quit.

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  160. here are my top four.

    1. Improve the backup to include images for complete back up.
    2. Ability to change catalogs without re-launching Lightroom.
    3. Sliders in the quick development module in the library.
    4. User defined categories for presets to take control of the long lists of presets..



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  161. Love the program, but……please add SOFT PROOFING. Nothing more need be said.



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  162. Could you add the same controls to noise that you have for sharpening(masking especially)

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  163. I would love the ability to publish books from within Lightroom and also the ability to make/ edit templates!! It’s one big feature that Aperture has that Lightroom misses out on and that’s just a shame. Also, would love to have an integrated map inside Lightroom without having to use a plugin to see pictures based on location. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

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  164. I would like to see an improvement with auto mask when Brushing.
    The feature currently can leave a hard noticeable edge, a Feathering slider that allows a smoother transition around the edge of auto masked areas would be SWEET.


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  165. How about being able to publish to Facebook, Flickr etc. from the print module complete with watermarks, stroke borders and identity plate?

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  166. A few others:

    *Adding collections to the develop module was great. Why not folders? Why not everything? Also, a grid view in develop would be good.

    *Orrr….what several others have mentioned: a merging of develop and library. You could just toggle the right panel between ‘view’ (library mode with metadata, keywording, etc.) and develop. Toggle the panel, not the whole module.

    *An ‘export catalog to mobile’ option, along with an iPad/android/etc. app, so you could use a tablet as an awesome mobile catalog viewing/displaying station.

    *Along the same lines, a mobile version of lightroom for the iPad/android that can ingest images and has cataloging/library functions, but nothing else. That would be the perfect mobile solution, especially if anyone (cough…apple…cough) ever makes a tablet with an SD card reader and a real amount of onboard storage.

    *stacking within collections

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  167. Here’s a JDI project for you. Perhaps I’m just a klutz, but the scrollbars are just TOO narrow! I can’t tell you how often I close a panel when all I wanted to do was scroll… I would like the ability to widen these a little bit – a user setting that could be accessed somewhere in the preferences for those who want it and ignored by those who don’t.

    I think the idea to merge the Library and Develop modules is a good one – perhaps even with tabbed panels just on one side of the screen, as suggested earlier in this list.

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  168. Built in HDR
    Content aware spot removal
    And keep my filtering flags enabled when i switch folders/collections

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  169. In the import Module, when a device or disk is selected every file is automatically selected with a tick. Is it possible to uncheck all and then just select the photos you want. I have tried Shift & Click in finder and in explorer on a PC and can’t select or unselect multiple files.



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  170. The ability to open and work on a catalog which resides on a network drive. This would allow multiple people (individually, one at a time) to work on a catalog from their work stations.

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    * Ability to see which SMART collections photos belong to from the right-click menu in the same we you can see which regular collections they belong to. How is this not there already!?

    * Same token as above the ability to create smart collections based on other smart collections (i.e. in the format of ‘ where collection contains ‘)

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  172. I love LR but one thing I miss from my C1 days are the capability to export multiple outputs of an image at the same time (IE: Web version, Full JPG and TIFF in one export). This could be a compound export preset pretty easily where it just played through a set of export presets you already have built (update one and it updates the compound preset).

    For the facebook publish service it would be great if you could export to a fan page and not just your individual page (I know FB is a pain about this though).

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  173. The ability to search multiple catalogs. That way I could have a catalog for each year of images to speed up the overall working of LR, but still be able to search all the catalogs to find specific images over multiple years.

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  174. I still don’t get the “import export” method of Lightroom. Recently I imported a cellphone picture sent by email. It was a several step effort to get the photo into Lightroom to work on it. I imported, added to Library, etc. When I got done I really just wanted to save it but knew I had to export instead. It finally got back on to the desktop as a hugely enlarged and pixelated, unusable image. So I opened it in CS5, worked on it, saved it and sent it back to the photographer. Why such a fight in Lightroom??

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  175. Make it faster. It’s too slow now. It was faster before!
    Add soft proofing.

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  176. Matt,
    Thanks for considering requests. Here is my Baker’s dozen

    1) A search filter that selects images by color similarity. Eons ago a program called ThumbsPlus could do this. The idea is that you can pick an image, say one with a lake surrounded by trees, and it would look for all the other images that had a similar color composition. Very Cool

    2) Ability to add multiple and different text boxes and watermarks in the print module.

    3) Bring some of the Library tools into the Develop module or merge them, or at least add…
    – Ability to add Keywords in Develop
    – Ability to add metadata in Develop
    – The Quick Develop tools are not very useful

    4) Allow more than 5 custom crop aspect ratios. How hard could this be?

    5) Do something to make the spot removal tool less psychotic.

    6) Bring back the single button to “show virtual copies only” instead of burying it in filters.

    7) Allow user-programmable keyboard shortcuts.

    8) Ability to catalog other image formats, such as PNG,

    9) Ability to catalog embedded JPG images from Adobe Illustrator & PDF files to help me organize those collections. This would be enormously helpful to me, especially if I could then launch Illustrator from Lightroom.

    10) Ability to add different borders to images in the the Print module

    11) Ability to Vignette with colors other than black and white.

    12) Ability to Vignette with 90 degree (or other) corners in addition to round corners.

    13) Ability to sort by crop ratios or actual dimensions. I use several specific ratios and it would be great to filter them.

    Have a good trip!

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  177. oops sorry Matt, just recognized you need to read and publish the posts first.

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  178. My need is so simple 🙂
    Just would love to have an possibility to lock my ratings.
    It’s so ease to loose all ratings while operating with all photos marked.
    Thanks, Erol

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  179. My need is so simple:
    It happens so fast to loose all ratings when operating with all photos marked.


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    It happens so easy to lost all ratings. I’m sure that I’m not alone with that ‘problem’.
    Thanks, Erol

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  181. Most of what I want is to see some of the best features from PS Elements in Lightroom. I’m a semi-pro/advanced amateur and use lightroom+elements because of my budget. In my mind, Lightroom should make it so that Elements has no role in a workflow. You either need photoshop and pay for it, or you don’t.

    *basic HDR or exposure fusing
    *basic panorama stitching
    *basic smart selection capability (Niels explained the need pretty well above…adjustment brushes can be a pain to use)
    *realistic movie support. At minimum, the ability to adjust captures dates/times like we can with photos, and the ability to rotate. Preferably the ability to adjust basics like brightness/contrast/color saturation as well. I know we’re taking Lightroom a whole new direction here, so rotation and date correction alone would be good enough so that I can manage them in my library properly. Also playing natively instead of launching an separate program would be nice.
    *face recognition/face tagging
    *content aware fill
    *better native publishing support and synching for more services (facebook, smugmug, picasa, flickr, zenfolio, etc.)

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    • I agree that some of the features in Photoshop Elements could be imported into LR 3 or 4. One that I would like to see is in the Enhance Color feature of Skin Tones. This is a great filter that would be a big help for not only Lightroom but Photoshop too.

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  182. I’d like to see a dropshadow feature in the print module, and a custom text overlay (for each foto) would be nice too.

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  183. I do not like the way I have to move back and forth between the Library and Develop modules – a merged module would much enhance my workflow.

    I would like the option of creating a book in the print module and be able to send it out directly to a publisher for printing.

    How about the ability to create a photo web site with tight integration with Adobe Dreamweaver.

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  184. In order to properly manage the mountain of photos I shoot every week, I must:
    a. Import my photos (sorting, naming, key wording, etc) and initial editing of shots my color label using Photo Mechanic because LR is ridiculously slow and doesn’t meet my needs. No matter how many times I tell LR2 I want my shots sorting by Capture Time, it wants to put them by Added Order. I almost always shoot with multiple bodies.
    b. I use LR only to tweak my photos, (straighten, crop, and moderate light temperature settings). I do use the adjustment brush where needed. After that…..
    c. I have to go to Photoshop for noise control and sharpening. LR’s abilities in this regard are laughable.
    d. After all the above is complete, then its back to Photo Mechanic for FTP uploads or emailing.

    Isn’t there something that can be done about this? I shoot for 3 hours and edit for 2.
    Craig C

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  185. First off Please greet the team with thanks for LR3 !!! has come along way.Rule # 5 !!!

    In Print mod to be able to read layers and or to save as layers….there are so many wonderful album proograms out there…in combination w photoshop that Lr could read these templates that already exsist why re invent wheel…but could be huge

    content aware


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  186. Tell them to hit another homerun with LR4 like they did with LR3. 🙂

    Lens corrections is outstanding, broaden the set of lenses (Nikon)…
    jpg print output quality slider.

    optimize processing speed for web and slideshow output – both seem fairly labored…along with preview generation speed – this should be easily pipelined/parallelized out to different processor cores…

    Thanks for asking us and getting face-to-face with them, usually results in constructive thoughts in the minds of development managment/developers…. and knowing it’s coming from as active a community of users, useful in spades… Just hope the things being mentioned also mesh well with their strategic view of CS / LR separation in the photographer space.

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  187. I would love the ability to re-designate shortcut keys – for example – I would rather not use two fingers (command-u) for auto.

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  188. Hi Matt,

    When importing photos to two external hard drives, automatically mirror working drive folder name and destination to backup drive.

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  189. 1. Better support for networked storage, and easier catalog subsetting
    2. Improved printing module allowing complex borders and text – then I could throw away Express Digital and just use Lightroom

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  190. Here’s a couple of thoughts:

    1. I second PatrickDS with the bookmark idea. I’ve been using color labels to do the same thing, but a real bookmark that sticks to folders and/or collections would make it much easier.

    2. One other thing that hasn’t been mentioned is mass snapshotting. I realize there are plug-ins for this, but it seems like such a small thing to add. What I would like is the ability to add a snapshot with a specific name or name-template to a group of selected photos. That way I can save the image-state without having to create a whole new virtual copy (necessitating that I find a way to store and sort that copy without excessive duplicates).

    3. Another small but very annoying thing. Preset menus should be fixed so they don’t show all ten-million presets in one drop-down. We put them in folders for a reason…management. Let’s keep them that way in the context menus. Nothing irks me more than trying to quickly get to my Import preset and having to scroll down through all the presets in all the folders that I have.

    3b. On the preset note. It would be very nice to be able to change the default develop settings. I know you can apply your own presets as a part of an import preset, but there’s always Adobe’s defaults looming in the background. Maybe this feature is already included and I’ve missed it, but I don’t like that my default import preset is viewed by the program as develop settings already applied. When you have a import preset, the little “developed” badge becomes useless since every photo imported with a preset shows it. Also, I really don’t like that when I hit “reset” the photo to reverts to Adobe’s import settings and not mine.

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  191. I wish there was an easier way to keep track of exported (derivative) images. Any given image could end up being exported to various online and hard-drive locations, with different formats, quality, pixel counts, ratios (e.g. “square”), filenames, sharpening, etc. I suppose you could save an exported image back to the catalog, but it’s treated as a completely separate image instead of a derivative of an existing image.

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  192. A free transfert of photo’s to Facebook ! Les expensif programs have this !! Why not lightroom ?
    Thank you.

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  193. Hi Matt,

    I would like to have a more sophisticated tethering mode for Canon cameras and the ability to create photobooks.

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  194. Photo Book publishing!!

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  195. Wish there were a way to avoid LR from going to ‘previous import’ every time I import an image.

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  196. I’d like to see Lightroom support for the Adobe Creative Suite SDK (CS SDK) and Adobe Extension Builder IDE (EB). Those tools allow software developers knowledgeable in Adobe Flex and ActionScript to build sophisticated plugins for products in the Creative Suite family. Presently, Lightroom is not part of Creative Suite, and does not have support for CS SDK & EB. (The CS SDK & EB IDE was launched in May of this year, and previously the only way to build plugins for CS products was with C++ and ExtendScript.)A developer must learn the relatively obscure language LUA to write plugins for Lightroom (via the Lightroom SDK). Having the ability to use Flex and AS3 via CS SDK to create plugins for Lightroom would open the flood gates to a sea of Flex and Flash developers.
    Thank you.

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    • Ditto this one. AS3 makes much more sense as an extension language for LR as Adobes own programming language. There is a much larger pool of programming creatives with knowledge of this language.

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  197. 1. Like mentioned before, a customizable text overlay.

    2. A dropshadow feature in the print module.

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  198. I would like to be able to “export” and “import” publishing services settings e.g. Being able to move a Flickr publishing service definition with all the already published photo’s and comments synchronized to flickr from my macbook to my imac.

    I start these things on my holiday and would like to be able to continue them once I’m home again.

    Otherwise it’s already a very great program. Love it ! regards Bert.

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  199. Networked Catalogs – It would be nice to be able to put the catalog on a network share. I am currently using the work around posted by David Ziser for my PC but I’m not able to do anything on my mac. Bigger cameras, bigger raw files, cheaper network storage, we just need Lightroom to come along for the ride.

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  200. How do you migrate the current version of LR or PS for that matter from one old computer to the new computer. I’m looking for a cookbook in terms of deactivating, photos, user presets, 3rd party plugins, preferences, et al.

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  201. Request: I would like to see a Zoom like photoshop. It think it make a great addition to what we have now.

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  202. 1) Spot healing BRUSH (Those cloning points are painful for big fixes)

    2) Access to folders in the Develop module

    3) Full Attribute filter bar in Develop with one click

    4) Did I mention better cloning in general?

    5) Ability to only import a certain file typeS (in cases of folders with mixed file types)

    6) Notes for files

    7) Book design and exporting beyond rigging the print module to work. Not having it tied to a printer would be nice.

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  203. 1. True full screen mode with HUD – it’s about the only thing I miss from Aperture; well I guess photo books would be nice as well…

    2. Better spot removal tool (content aware?)

    3. Free text within the Print module

    4. Ability to revert back to a given history stage with a single click i.e. not just to see what that stage was like, but to delete all subsequent steps at the same time (maybe right-click on a history step and select Revert?)

    5. A more obvious way to delete a photo altogether when selected within a collection.

    6. I never use the Quick Develop panel – it’s quite a bit of screen real estate that maybe could have a better use (merge Library/Develop modules??)

    7. Vibrance slider in the adjustment tool

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  204. I would like to see:

    * An option (or straight up change) to make the grid, when displayed on a second monitor, behave the same as the grid does when its on the primary monitor. Right now it behaves the same as the filmstrip with regard to selecting multiple images and performing actions on them (why change its behavior based on which monitor its displayed on??).

    * The ability on import to select different presets (develop, metadata) and keywords on different sets of images. This would be a great time saver, as I often wait to import multiple days worth of pictures at once, and I can’t use presets on import to a great extent because the subject of the photos may be very different between one day and the next. If not down to the individual photo level, at least let us apply different presets for each set of photos based on date.

    * An option so that when modifying the top image in a collapsed stack, to apply that change to ALL images in the stack, instead of just the top image. Very annoying, because if I’m going any type of mass develop or metadata changes, I have to expand all stacks to make sure all the images get the changes. I’d be nice to be able to leave them collapsed.

    * PLEASE let us rename or remove the built-in develop presets folder. Its a pain to always have those appear first, with no way to get rid of them or move them down in the list. Let us move the ones WE use the most to the top.

    If any of these things are already possible somehow, please let me know!


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  205. There are a few features from Aperture that I really like and that keep me going back to it -even though performance-wise it’s wanting.

    1. A better re-touch brush
    2. Ability to brush in AND brush out adjustments
    3. A feather brush to feather adjustment edges.
    4. A true highlight and shadows adjustment like photoshop has (and was copied by Aperture). Aperture’s h/s panel does a better job of pulling up shadows without affecting mid-tones and highlights than Lightroom does.
    5. It was mentioned above, but combine the library and develop modules – current method is clunky – aperture is much more intuitive in this area.
    6. Larger adjustment preview viewer (Scott already mentioned this but I thought it was important to mention again.)

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  206. Keyboard shortcut to Library “All Photographs”.

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  207. When outputting printed images to JPEG in the Print module, please have the export image dialog box come up to refine the output. Right now all you get is the output choice to JPEG with no other options or details on the quality of the output image.

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  208. An adjustment brush for everything. Why are we limited to just a few items. Lightroom always seems to have the appearance of reduced functionality because of Adobes’ Photoshop product. As a photographers we should be able to use one piece of software for all situations that we run into. We shouldn’t have to jump back and forth between these two programs. It’s time to set the Lightroom development team free! Free from the….uh oh, I feel a rant coming on, lets stop here. How about we worry about that first item and maybe just the spirit of the rest of this!

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    • FILL as part of the adiustment brush. Please Please!!!

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      • Color Temp would be good too for skin tone corrections…

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  209. A Note feature so you can easily add notes to individual files.

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    • I second the note feature. This would allow you to make note of possible changes you want to make at a later time to an image or any other comment relative to the image.

      I mentioned this to Terry White several months ago, he thought it was a good idea and at that time he said he would pass on to the Lr Team. Maybe they agreed and are working on a implementation.

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  210. Make the keyword hierarchies more useful by automatically adding parent keywords to an image. For example, I have the following hierarchy:


    When I add the keyword “Steven” to an image, Lightroom should automatically add “Family” and “People”. Bridge already has this functionality, why not Lightroom?

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  211. The thing that most trips me up in LR is the inability to DELETE an image from a collection (other than previouis import) that’s marked as a Reject. It wouldn’t be bad if the image was marked as a reject in All Photographs as well, but the flag doesn’t seem to carry over. Is this a bug or by design? Either way, it’s a problem for me and I’d like to see it fixed.

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  212. A few more:
    1. A way to choose another folder in Develop without having to switch back to Library each time
    2. A healing brush that can paint
    3. A more intuitive way to rename a file
    4. More functionality in Collections such as Stacking & deleting
    5. All the cool little things that Aperture does
    6. Keyboard shortcuts for Open as a Smart Object & Export to third party apps
    7. Brighter colors for color coded thumbnails
    8. The zippiness of Bridge and some of it’s cool features like Survey zooms
    9. Everything else.
    10. That’ll do!

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  213. Matt, I’d like to see a ruler in the develop module that I can use for cropping. I’d also like to see a white balance adjustment brush and cloning.


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  214. I would live to be able to name the colored labels, I keep trying to create a use for them, but Every time I make up a system I forget it.

    It would be cool to be able to tell when shots were bracketed and auto stack them. for that matter It would be cool to create “smart stacks” that look at all kinds of things and stack accordingly. Sort of like “content aware” stacking.

    I think the adjustment brush should be able to brush in anything. recovery, vibrance, presets, HSL adjustments, noise reduction. anything.

    Also while you are up there be sure to give the team our thanks and gratitude for all they have done. Lightroom is such a great product, I hope they know that while there is always room for improvement, they are doing a great job.

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    • Yes! Pls make the Adjustment brush capable of brushing in ANY adjustment option – including vibrance, blacks, recovery, white balance, etc.

      I love LR – always brag on it when asked what I use! It has saved me mountains of hours of work/effort & makes post-processing a joy. Thanks for asking for our input!

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    • Will,
      You can create any number of Label Presets:
      1. From the Library module, go to the Metadata menu (on top panel).
      2. Click on Color Label Set
      3. Choose Edit
      4. Type relevant names for each/any of the colors
      5. From the Preset Drop-down choose, “Save current settings as new preset
      6. Give it a relevant name and click “Create”.
      That’s it.

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    • Metadata>Color Label Set>Edit Name them anything you like.

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  215. 1- Soft proofing!
    2- Face detection!
    3- GPS integration with maps
    4- Basic video editing
    5- Time lapse video creation w/ basic functions

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  216. 1. I would like to see a way to put notes in an image metadata. For instance, often times I’ll bring an image into Photoshop, do a few things to it, and save it back into lightroom. Often, I’ll want to go back and re-create that look with a new image and it would be nice to leave notes as to what I did exactly on the previous image.

    2. An iPad app that syncs with Lightroom. This would be good for displaying proofs to a client, have them select their favorites, then you hook it back into lightroom and certain ones are flagged/picked or ranked based on that iPad interaction.

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    • 1) Notes – YES! That is the top of my personal list.

      2) Also, add more custom text fields that we can freely use. There is an addon for this (BeardyReplace), but I would feel more comfortable if those fields were available native in LR

      3) Allow importing ANY file type. Just give generic icon if necessary, but let me upload Word documents that tie into a shoot, and have them there with the photos, as an organization tool. Again, ‘anyfile’ plugin just added that, but I would feel safer if it were native in LR

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      • Being able to add any file type to Lightroom would be very useful. An example would be that AutoPanoPro creates a file which describes its panorama stitch for a set of images, I should be able to add this to the stack of stitched images.

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      • There is a metadada field for instructions… not sure what the real purpose is, but I use it exactly for that purpose. Jeffrey Friedl’s metadata panel tools let me generate a view with a big instructions field.

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    • YES to the iPad app. I’d like to see an app where images can be transferred/stored on the iPad and let our clients choose what images they want and when connected back with the host pc/mac the flagged images are displayed for editing. Nice.

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  217. thanks Matt for your commitment,

    i’d like to see:
    1. the Ability to handle Metadata differently like iView Media 3 could do:
    – import and merge Metadata (catalog has priority)
    – import and merge Metadata (original has priority)
    – import and replace Metadata (like the only option we have at the moment)

    2. the possibility to apply a preset relatively. this way i could make basic adjustments for let’s say brightness and contrast until the exposure is right and apply my favorit preset in addition to the allready edited image.

    3. geocoding abilities like houdahgeo.

    cheers, a’ron

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  218. In addition to point 9 of JayM regarding GPS data. The ability to see photos with GPS data on a map would be awesome!

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  219. Support for AVCHD video files.

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  220. 1. Not a feature request but a feature come back:
    I would like LR3 to behave like LR2 in the keywords list pannel.
    I’d like to see at the parent keyword the total of photos that live inside. In LR3 it only shows the number of photos that have been explicitly added the parent keyword, but doesn´t add the childs that have it implicit.

    2. A true cloning tool, not just spot removal. Or content aware spot removal, as said before.

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  221. Did my last comment get deleted? Check your Spam filter!


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    • Guess it went through after a delay. Nevermind!


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  222. I would like to have a facial recognition plugin, even if it is not of professional quality. The one in picase is more than good enough for my use.

    A better way of adding keywords. A workfloww where you add keywords and with on key can add same as last image, and avoid needing to push esc to get out of the text field, just skipping ahead with arrows.

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  223. Matt:

    I know when Scott asked the same question on his blog a few weeks ago, he picked my suggestion about easier watermark editing/saving (every little change you make to an existing watermark has to be saved as a new watermark or you have to overwrite the original. Why isn’t there a “Save As” button in the editor?) Upon further use of watermarks in LR3, I find myself further frustrated by not being able to put watermarks in different spots on a series of pictures of the same event. Sometimes the white watermark is placed on a light background, or it would look better on the other side of the photo for “balance”, for instance. I have to manually go through each photo to make sure it looks right. The Identity Plate editor is not as featured as the Watermark Editor, so I don’t use it.

    Thanks and have a safe trip! Try to get some shooting in while you are there!


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  224. A “back” button for when I click another collection or folder will return me to the previous view including selecting the image I was working on.

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  225. A selection tool(s) in the adjustment brush.
    For example, if want to edit the sky of a mountain picture, I can’t use the graduated filter since I don’t have a straight horizon. Using the adjustment brush with auto mask on results in a ugly line between the mountain and the sky. Using the adjustment brush without auto mask results in a halo around my mountain, or a bit darken borders of the mountain, or in an outrageous work with a very small brush. In contrast, if I open the photo in Photoshop and use the magic wand tool or the quick selection tool, I have the sky selected within seconds with a correct transparency at the edge.
    So, can we please have proper selection tools within Lightroom?

    In addition to Kevin Novak, I would like to see not only a content-aware spot removal; but, a spot removal in different shapes. Preferable a lasso tool or again the magic wand tool and quick selection tool.

    Tanks for the opportunity to provide feedback!

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  226. Are there any plans to include RGB tone curves? We have standard tone curves currently, and many 3rd party plugins also have curves for each color, but it’s still lacking inside Lightroom.

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  227. 1. Content-aware spot removal
    2. Better utilization of multiple cpu cores on export and import

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  228. Hey Matt

    Safe travels – enjoy Minneapolis (great town). For my part here are a few things on my wishlist (in no particular order)…

    1. Speed. I want more of it. Despite having a well tuned and well equipped Mac Pro LR3 still seems sluggish at times. And there’s frequently weird stuff going on with the spot removal tool and paintbrush.

    2. Multiple, independent, and customizable freely moveable text boxes in the Print module for poster like print layouts. Unlimited in quantity.

    3. There’s kindof a bug when batch renaming files in the Library module {after I’ve imported with new names, deleted the garbage, then rename to close the sequence gaps), where the files end up with a “-2” after the filename rather than getting a fresh sequence. My workaround is to rename twice, first with a bogus name then again with the new desired name. I don’t recall this problem in earlier versions.

    4. I do agree with previous requests that a full screen view with a floating palette like Aperture would be nice. The Develop module panels could be rolled into a single moveable palette, small to minimize space, and stacked with tabs (like a stack of palettes in Photoshop – say Layers/Masks/Channels) rather than sequential top-to-bottom.

    5. Curves color correction capability like Photoshop, including color samples and an Lab reading option.

    6. I just realized the backup option during Import has changed. In the past the folder on the backup drive would automatically be named with the import date. Now you have to specify the folder name. I didn’t realize this immediately only to find later a series of files mashed together without a folder. There should be an option to a) create same folder name as is being used in the main LR Library, b) create auto date as in previous version, or c) custom as in current version. The settings for A and B should be sticky, and if custom should offer a prompt before importing so all the files aren’t accidentally placed in a batch with other files.

    7. Stacks not restricted to photos in same folder.

    8. Real-time preview of output sharpening (toggle on or off) in the Print module. Could tie to future development of soft proofing?

    9. I noticed geotagging above which I’m guessing is the ability to ~manually~ input latitude/longitude coordinates in the absence of an actual camera GPS system. As far as I can tell a manual input field is not currently available that would allow me to plug values taken from Google Maps or such.

    10. See #1. 😉

    It’s very telling that with the state of LR I’m having to sit and ponder what changes I would like to see. There aren’t many gaps left!

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    • Jay, re: #3 on your list. You can also just rename twice with the same name – the second pass will rename the sequences correctly.

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  229. 1) I like the merge Library and Develop modes! Short of that how about grid view in Develop?

    2) Relative adjustment presets?

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  230. When importing: Option on tick-box so that you only import sub-folders 1 level down and not sub-sub folders. ( Sometimes I export JPGs into subfolders that I don’t want to import into the program.)

    Easy way to put frames around photos in the develop module with a logowatermark on them. So I can upload to facebook with my ID AROUND the photo.

    Lens correction profile for the Nikon 80-200 2.8D

    Export option in the Facebook module for business pages. ( Defaults to my Facebook profile and not my business page.)

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    • For the frame & text, LR/Mogrify2 export pluggin does a perfect job. i use it in combination with Jeffrey Friedl’s pluggins to export to Picasa (and tried FB too) and works wonders… very flexible,

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    • Yes definatly a small fix to the Facebook publish to allow to publish to Fan or Bussiness pages.

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  231. I’ve been with Lightroom from the very beginning Ver. 1

    Must admit, I’ve never been the best speller.
    Would be nice if
    Lightroom had a built-in spell checker.

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    • Mac users can enable the system’s built in spell check via a menu item within Lightroom. This will help avoid misspellings in keywords for example. Sorry Windows gang, this one isn’t supported by your OS yet.

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  232. How about getting disk burning support for 64 bit Lightroom. Not having a disk burning software supplier that supports 64 bit doesn’t cut it. On PC, figure out how to honour focus. I use the auto-hide task bar feature to increase real estate and especially in 2 monitor mode, Lightroom grabs focus and I can’t access the task bar. I believe this is a problem for many Adobe products. There should be a preference choice for assigning/changing the primary ‘Edit In’ program. On my laptop, I lose all my options for merging to HDR, Panorama etc because Lightroom has PS Elements as the primary editing software. It seems like an unnecessary messy job to uninstall and re-install software to juggle those choices around.

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    • will switch to any running program even if Task Bar is hidden.

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  233. I’d like to see a feature where you could make basic image adjustments on export.

    ie, exporting photos for printing, but would like to brighten them up a bit without having to make a virtual copy.

    This could also be an option in the print module for those of us who print in-house.

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    • When you export, I beleive that you can select a Preset (in the left bar). Just create a “printing export brightness” preset that consists only of higher brightness setting based on your experience with your printer. I should help most of the time…

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  234. LR sorts a selected set of photos (typically a burst of the same situation) in order of sharpness. Would save me a lot of pixel peeping during rating/selecting just after import.

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  235. Why does Lightroom 3 cost so much but is so limited compared to Photosbop?

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    • Lightroom costs much less than Photoshop CS5.

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  236. Welcome to Minneapolis! Although Lightroom may need a complete rebuild, network compatability is essential!

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  237. I love the Auto-Mask when using the brush tool, but wish it had tolerance setting and feathering for the edge of the mask.

    Photoboothguy (aka Ryan Taylor)

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    • Count me in for feathering Auto Mask! It’s absence is one of the reasons I don’t use automask more often.

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  238. I said soft proofing before, but my comment wasn’t posted. Conspiracy!!

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  239. 1. I second the content-aware addition
    2. Rework the printing to use whatever Photoshop uses. On many older printers, including my Canon ip4000, it is impossible to get a print with the proper colors in Lr.
    3. Better support for geo-tagging / Integration with Google Maps
    4. Panoramas/HDR without need for Photoshop
    5. As someone mentioned, don’t let Photoshop limit your roadmap
    6. Continue to concentrate on performance

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  240. I second Roger Waltons entry on Olympus dslr camera support, at least for the E-30, E-3 and E-5.

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    • I “third” the motion for Olympus E-30 and E-3

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  241. Would love to have the brush be able to paint on color corrections to just skin tones when the rest of the shot is really cool but the skin is then way off.

    Would love the History to actually say what preset was used…the name of it.


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    • “Would love to have the brush be able to paint on color corrections to just skin tones when the rest of the shot is really cool but the skin is then way off.”

      Hey Gary. Thought I’d offer a great tip I learned from an online video that works exceedingly well and is very easy. This particular tip was designed for eliminating red splotches on the skin, but I’m guessing it can be applied to global skin tones. First, set your overall WB so the image as a whole looks good. Then, for the skin…

      1. Open the brush panel/tool.
      2. Zero out all the sliders.
      3. Open on the color picker.
      4. Click on the color picker and then click+drag out onto the image (this lets you sample colors directly from the image).
      5. Find a suitable area of the skin (ie. no highlights or shadows – find the prevailing skin tone) and unclick/release.
      6. You now have a sample of the skin tone. Look in the bottom left corner of the color picker window – you’ll see the hue value as a percentage.
      7. To offset a color cast, you add the opposite color. So add 180 (degrees) to the sampled skin tone value. You now have a custom “Skin Cast Removal Tool”.
      8. Paint over the skin, taking care to avoid other areas.
      9. Now adjust the saturation of the color picker just to the point that the cast has been reduced and the skin looks natural.

      Like I said, the original demonstration applied the same technique to blotchy red skin and it works perfectly. But it can really be applied anywhere that has a selective color cast. The trick is blending with the saturation until it looks natural.

      Alternatively, you can just guess at an opposing tone. Your example involved a cool image. So you would have warmed it up but presumably the skin became too yellow/orange. If you grab a light blue from the color picker and selectively apply that to the skin, then adjust saturation to balance should yield the same (or maybe better) result.

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  242. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for asking for input as always. Here’s my shopping list.

    1. LR2 had the ability to add more than one song to a slideshow – LR3 is restricted to only one. Would be nice to see that back again !

    2. Geo-tagging (I like what Aperture did in their latest release)

    3. Native HDR

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  243. I’m looking for a way to ‘simply’ add GPS information to images after import

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  244. Keywording – so vital but so neglected. It’s the one part of Lightroom that feels clunky and frustrating. Could it expand into a floating panel that gives me more room to manoeuvre rather than having to tidy up new keywords with a load of vertical scrolling? Perhaps that would help me edit which tags, nested tags, synonyms etc I want to include on export, because I always end up with a load of stuff I don’t want, both in the file and duplicating in the keyword list. I know user stupidity is beyond your reach, but a more clear and intuitive keywording section would be lovely.

    Oh, and I copy and paste develop settings quite frequently, but always forget the shortkey for it. I’d love a button. Even better, let me do a little custom panel for myself like Configurator does in Photoshop. That way I could make the buttons I need without cluttering up the interface for anyone else.

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  245. I’d like to know if they can put real color picker capabilities in lightroom for better color cerection.I.e. correction points.

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    • I figured out last night, if you click in the color picker and hold the button down, you can drag the eye dropper off onto your photo and pick a color from the photo. I used this to change the color of my “stroke” or background color in the print module to something from the photo instead of trying to match from the color picker box.

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  246. 1. The greatest improvement to me would be the addition of deconvolution sharpening. I’ll be honest with you: four sharpening sliders is more than my pea-brain can handle. They are non-intuitive and frustrating to use. I currently export my best images to run them through Focus Magic (although I am getting frustrated by the delay in introducing a 64-bit version and may have to buy Focus Fixer), which produces near-miraculous results with a dead-simple interface. There is only one variable to control, and it is usually very obvious which setting is best. Being able to use simple (though not inferior) deconvolution sharpening from within Lightroom would save me tons of time. To be clear, this need not be a replacement for standard sharpening, it could easily be in addition to standard sharpening so that each person can pick their preferred sharpening method.

    2. In Survey view, I would like to be able to zoom in on each image. This is available in Faststone and XnView (two excellent free programs) for up to four images. I would think that Lightroom should be able to do the same.

    3. It would be useful to have the option to have a large, easily visible virtual watermark superimposed on images with their pick/reject status when doing an initial cull of images. This feature is available in FastImageViewer, for example, and is very useful. I know the flags are visible, but they are very small.

    4. When shooting in RAW + JPEG mode, or when importing RAW files, the handling of the associated or embedded JPEG files could be handled better. It would be useful to have the option to have all JPEGs copies (or the embedded JPEGs) copied to a subfolder of the folder with the RAW files on import. I don’t want the JPEGs added to the Lightroom catalog, but it is useful to have JPEGs ready in case you need them “NOW!” [I currently use Instant JPEG From Raw for this. While it works very well, I would dearly love to be able to get away from using 10 different programs for various specific tasks.

    5. More lens profiles, please.

    6. More lens profiles, please.

    7. More lens profiles, please.

    8. Native HDR (actually, exposure blending a la LR/Enfuse would be both better and sufficient)

    9. Native photo stitching.

    10. Automatic CA removal. The new lens profile feature should go a long way toward resolving this, but there will always be unsupported lenses and it would be helpful to have a convenient, automatic way of removing CA.


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    • Here here….. Native HDR and native panorama.

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    • I agree. HDR & Stitching management/ability.

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  247. 1) Merge the Library and Develop modules.
    2) Add the Undo button instead of the Reset button. Add a drop-down triangle to the Undo button to show the last history items, and finally add Reset as the last item.
    3) Don’t let Photoshop limit your roadmap!

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    • Merge the library and develop modules? No way. Navigation is so much faster in library mode. Keep that the way it is.

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  248. Please include some Network-Support in the next release … so many use a network storage and you either store only pics on this device or on windows use the “subst” hack to use a network share to get the whole lr files on the server

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  249. This is a bit of a long one :S
    I may just not know how to do this but:

    When I export my photos with a watermark I am finding that I have to have two different watermarks. One for portrait photos and one for landscape photos. If I use my portrait watermark on a landscape photo it goes right across the middle of the photo really big, and the other way round the watermark is really small. (When using them the right way round they just go a nice size along the bottom).

    I don’t mind this but I’m finding that I have to select all the landscape photos in the group (say with wedding photos this is hundreds) and export them with one watermark then with the portrait photos export them with the other watermark.
    This means that they are exported in non chronological order because all the portrait photos come first then the landscape.

    I would like to see when your exporting photos something that says if the photo is portrait use this watermark but if it is landscape use this other watermark.

    I’m sure there is a better work around than this that I’d love to know, but if not that’d be great!


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    • You need to set the watermark size to ‘proportional’.

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  250. I’ve pretty much given up, but soft proofing. If it is so darn useless, why is it included in Photoshop?


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  251. Two things:

    1. support for Olympus dslr cameras in profiles and tethered shooting

    2. soft proofing!

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    • I would like to see those too.

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  252. I’d like to see a kind of “bookmark” feature available in LR. A visual clue, inside the filmstrip, that is added automatically upon exiting the program *and* that I can add and edit (move) myself, showing me what photo I last worked on in a particular collection or folder, or a photo that needs to be reviewed/edited the next time LR is started. Even better: this bookmark should appear in every folder and collection, pointing to the photo that was last edited/viewed/worked on…

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    • Hi Patrick
      I routinely use a colour flag to identify last worked on etc. Use them in any folder – find all your last worked ons with one click…

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  253. Why won’t Lightroom read the native PSD format of Photoshop CS4/CS5? If I don’t save things for maximum compatibility, Lightroom can’t import them. I’d think Adobe products of the most recent generation should be able to communicate completely. What good is the new PSD format if it’s unusable by contemporary Adobe products?

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    • Hi Leon,

      It can? (or atleast, LR3 can). That’s how I save my panoramas back into LR.


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