Lightroom Presets

Presets – The Twilight Preset

It’s official. I’ve jumped on the vampire bandwagon too. It’s impossible not to with all of the movies and TV shows out there. It doesn’t help that my wife is totally addicted to True Blood on HBO. Anyway, I’ve got a new group of presets this week that were inspired by the Twilight saga movie posters. There’s actually a few movie posters with a lot of different looks, but I’ve settled on the ones here. They do a few things with color saturation, white balance, split toning and some vignetting of course. The first two give a nice effect that can be used on various portrait photos (probably best for dramatic portraits though). The last one really takes a lot of the color out of skin tones so be careful with it but hey, you never know when you want that vampire look.

As always, your comments are welcome. Download ’em and let me know what you think.

Here’s an example of the medium version. (click to see it larger).

• Click here to download the preset.

To install:
1) Unzip the preset zip file on to your desktop
2) Go to the Develop module. NOTE: YOU MUST BE IN THE DEVELOP MODULE
3) Go to the Presets panel on the left. Right click anywhere in it and choose “Import”.
4) Select the .lrtemplate files you unzipped in Step 1 and click Import NOTE: DO NOT IMPORT THE ZIP FILE