News – Worth-a-click

Here’s a few news items for the day:

• There’s been lot’s of talk about printing and calibration lately. Well, X-Rite is hosting a free webinar on Sept. 28 called Beyond Monitor Calibration – Get Prints That Match Your Display! Definitely looks like it’s worth checking out.

• Check out PADDY for Lightroom 3. Don’t let the name throw you off. It’s a Windows only 🙁 plug-in for Lightroom that let’s you assign any adjustment setting – including moving the sliders and applying a preset – to keys, your number keypad or external keypads. Looks cool!

• A good buddy of mine, Howard Ignatius, is speaking at an event called Morro Photo Expo along with others like George Lepp. If you’re in the area here’s the link to find out more.