Lightroom Presets

Presets – High Key Effect

This time around I’m digging way back into preset requests to one that really wouldn’t have looked as good in Lightroom 1 – the High Key effect. There’s a few components to this effect. First and foremost shooting a high key image (the exposure and lighting work done before hand) is really the main way to do this. But there’s still some things things that we can do in post-processing to help if the photo wasn’t taken that way. There’s also a degree of blur involved that we really couldn’t do in Lightroom 1 but with Lightroom 2 we have negative clarity and it makes things a bit easier. As you download the presets you’ll notice there’s 3 flavors ranging from high to higher to highest so you’ll have a few choices to pick the best from. As always let me (and the other comment readers) know what you think and if/how these can be useful for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s High Key Effect Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets .