Lightroom Tips

Tip – Unlimited Undos

Most of you use Photoshop right? That means you’re probably used to the fact that Photoshop gives you 20 undos by default. So if you do more then 20 things to your photo, Photoshop drops the earlier ones and you’ll eventually not be able to undo (you’d basically have to start over if you needed to get back). Now you can change that in Photoshop’s Performance preferences but what about Lightroom? How does it handle undos? It’s easy actually. Every single thing you do is tracked in the History panel (in the Develop module). Whether you’ve made 5 changes or 500 they’ll all be listed there. Even better, when you close Photoshop, all of our undos go away. But when you close Lightroom they stay put. Even if you opened Lightroom to work on a photo a year later, when you come back you’ll always be able to undo what you did in that History panel. Go check it out next time you work on a photo that’s been in your library for a while and you’ll see what I mean.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!