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Today, I’m officially retiring my old edge darkening presets and I’ve converted over to my new ones which use the Vignettes panel inside of Lightroom 2. Not only does the Vignettes panel offer us the ability to darken the edges post-crop, but they just seem to look better, smoother, and overall less intrusive then it’s predecessor (the Lens Correction settings). Right now, there are 3 levels of edge darkening. But I plan on releasing some more creative presets in the future. For now, light, medium, and dark pretty much takes care of the majority of photos I work on. Have at ’em and let me know what you think.

Click here to see a sample of the presets.
Click here to download Matt’s Edge Darkening Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.



  1. Vishal 3 September, 2008 at 15:37 Reply

    Hey Matt, I am a NAPP member, and downloaded your Camera Raw presets (Still in process of getting Lightroom), and I absolutely love them. They work excellent on a variety of pictures, and if you go to my website, you will notice that I have used most or all of them in some picture or another. Thanks again

  2. Barry Weaver 26 August, 2008 at 15:18 Reply

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to good these vignetting effects are. In the examples shown they do not help the image in the slightest and as for the darkest one it simply gives the effect of the lenshood being too long for the lens! If vignetting can help an image then let’s see some proper examples. I enjoy most of Matts presets but won’t be using these.

  3. Jessica 26 August, 2008 at 04:30 Reply

    Thanks for the edge darkening presets! I love having the consistency across photos. I appreciate your work! Along with your expertise, your positive and friendly attitude toward photogs of all abilities and backgrounds is what keeps me coming back to learn more.

  4. Scott 25 August, 2008 at 22:16 Reply

    Can – Creating a preset isn’t about the cool effects all the time. Now, don’t you think that hitting a preset for medium darkening is easier than moving 2-3 sliders. If you don’t like the presets don’t use them, it’s that simple.

    Thanks Matt! for everything

    Delete the adjustment brush dot….click on the pin/dot you want deleted…hit delete.

  5. Can Atabas 25 August, 2008 at 21:07 Reply

    thanks Matt..

    but.. why dont you give some more useful things instead of giving such simple stuff???
    edge darkening happens by dragging just 2 or 3 sliders to the left side and everybody can do it without a preset.. not difficult to find the sliders, because they are all below eachother..!

    im expecting from you some more shortcuts for example.. especially for the brush tool. i think i tried everything to delete a single DOT, that appears when you start to draw.. i can delete the mask with Alt+DRAW. but sometimes it is necessary to delete this single DOT (not all DOTS)..

    i find it very cool what you do here.. presets, tips, videos..etc. presets like Sin City Effect, Lomo Effect, 300 effect are my favourites.. thank you very very much for these stuff..
    but Edge Darkening.. this is done with just 2-3 sliders.. come on Matt.. you can do better!!! 😉

  6. Seim Effects 25 August, 2008 at 20:37 Reply

    They work really well Matt, just tried them out. I think they could use to be a bit more intense (dark) however. Or maybe just a wider range. Looks like you’re already planning on making more though. Thanks for the goodies.


  7. Mike Paterson 25 August, 2008 at 18:54 Reply

    I definitely love the new vignette options! Used to have to take a picture into Photoshop or bounce it out and back into LR to get the vignettes I wanted. No more! As always… thanks for sharing!

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