Presets – Color Tints Volume 2

Happy preset day once again. I’ve created a second volume of color tints that picks up where the last volume left off. The first volume was a bit warmer in nature but these tints tend to be more on the cooling side (cyans, blues, purples). And to make things easier for you, if you missed the volume 1 tint presets I’ve included them down below on this same page so you can grab both of them while you’re here. Oh yeah, one more thing. Don’t forget that part of tinting involves turning the photo to black and white first. I’ve used the default grayscale B&W conversion here but this is definitely an area you should look into tweaking after you’ve applied the preset. Have a great Monday!

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Color Tints Vol. 1 Presets
Click here to download Matt’s Color Tints Vol. 2 Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.


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  1. Matt the video of how to install is missing do have other link ?

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  2. Matt,

    I only say that because over the past few weeks I’ve posted a few questions in different areas and have yet to receive any answers (from you or anyone). Just seemed like you had gotten really busy over the past few weeks (which isn’t a bad thing).


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  3. Hello,
    I don’t know how to contact Matt to do a preset for me, but I’m sure this kind of preset already exists and I don’t know where to look for it.

    I need a preset that makes half of photo black and white, and the other half stays in it’s original colors. Or for example the corners of the photo are black & white and the center is in colors.

    Where can I get this Preset, or is it possible to do something like that?

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  4. Rick,
    Why do you say that. I read every one of them. I just can’t comment on all of them, especially when it’s a question. I usually hope that another commenter comes in and answers. I really do read every comment though.

    Matt K

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  5. Fellas,

    I don’t think Matt reads this stuff anymore.

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  6. @Arthur
    CTRL+z does the job if you press the keys immediatly after clicking on a preset.
    I have no lightroom here at the office so I’m not sure if there is a menu entry like “undo last step”.

    Kind regards


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  7. Matt, I love your presets but how do I cancel the results of clicking on one? A few times I have used one of your presets and want to return to the original image pre-preset usage and I have only found that the “reset” button does the trick but unfortunately also undoes/resets all of my other changes. Thanks, Arthur

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  8. Matt – good idea for a preset might be an LR version of Facebook photo sizing you covered in photoshopusertv episode..

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  9. Hi Matt,

    Another great bunch of presets, useful as ever.

    One theme I’d like you to address in a future post, if possible, is the advantages of using a global catalog vs smaller catalogs (per year, per event), in terms of performance, search features, replicating changes across catalogs and such.

    Thanks in advance and regards,

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  10. Matt,
    I like your presets and find I use most of them; however they are piling up in the preset list. Is there a way to create sub-folders for presets?

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  11. Dan and Inge…

    If you have an Apple mouse which seems only to have one button, you can sometimes change how it responds. In system preferences you can set the functionality of the mouse: look for the graphical view of the mouse in preferences. The default is to have both the left and right sides of the mouse acting as “primary” buttons. You can change the right side to “secondary” if you have an apple mouse that supports this.

    Even better, just buy a non-apple mouse. I love Mac, but the mouse is poorly designed (looks it seems, are more important than good functionality – with the mouse)

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  12. Dan…

    Just hold down your Control key while clicking with the mouse and voila, ‘right click’ on an iMac. That’s what I have and what I do

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  13. I liek your tutorials very much. I am having a problem importing your presets om my Imac. As you know there is no right click of the mouse. The search function yielded no answers. I can create presets but not import them

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  14. Question:

    Do the dodge/burn local corrections in LR2 have the “protect tones” feature that CS4 was shown with?

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  15. Thanks Matt. Downloading them now. I’ve been making presets like crazy these days and I like seeing your tricks in making them.

    Have a super day… Gav

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