NEWS: Photoshop Elements 13 Is Released!

Hey everyone. I’m a little late on this one, as it happened last week. I had a post ready to go, but then forgot to turn it live (ooops!) 🙂 Anyway, I know from my Lightroom seminars that a lot of people use Photoshop Elements along with Lightroom. Well, following the last few years trends in late September, Adobe has released a new version of Elements. Now they’re up to Elements 13 (Wow! I started when it was Elements 2).

Here’s a link to Adobe’s website for more info.

And don’t forget to stop by the Photo Elements Techniques website to check out their videos that showcase the new features.

Lastly, and here’s a quick list of some new stuff in case you’re interested:
– Elements now has the coveted Content Aware Fill from Photoshop
– There’s a new compositing tool that let’s you pull people out of one photo and place them in another
– A new selection tool to help refine selections
– AutoCrop Suggestions that give you different ideas for cropping
– New effects in the effects panel
– New black and white Guided Edits
– New effects in Quick Edit mode
– And some new stuff in the Organizer (which you shouldn’t be using anyway if you’re on this site) 🙂
– 64-bit and Retina support

If you’re in to Elements, it’s not a breathtakingly revolutionary update. But the addition of Content Aware, the new selection stuff, and some of the new preset guided edits can definitely make it worth the update. Not to mention, the 64-bit and retina support can be huge for some people.

Thanks for stopping by!