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Part 2: Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to MacPhun Luminar Decoder

Back on Monday I did a post about which filters you’d use in MacPhun’s Luminar to get the looks we used to get in Nik ColorEfex Pro 4 (my go-to effects plug-in for years, until it started slowly dying on my, and many other folks, version of Photoshop and Lightroom, and Google just announced they are not going to release any fixes. Basically, it’s dead).

Anyway, I’ve got a bunch more filters to add to my decoder list (tip of the hat to my friend Alex), that you might find helpful. Without further ado (yes, that was ado), here we go with Part 2:

> Nik’s B/W Conversion = Luminar’s B&W Conversion

> Nik’s Graduated Neutral Density   = Luminar Top & Bottom Lighting

> Nik’s Fog    = Luminar’s Fog Filter

> Nik’s Curves & Levels   = Luminar’s Curves

> Nik’s Foliage   = Luminar’s Foliage Enhancer

> Nik’s Film Grain   = Luminar’s Grain

> Nik’s Glamour Glow   = Luminar’s Soft Focus & Image Radiance used together

> Nik’s Contrast Color Range   = Luminar’s Color Contrast

OK, add those to Monday’s post (link above), and you’ve pretty much good to go (BTW: My Luminar class is scheduled for release week after next).

Nashville and Richmond, VA – new cities just added for my Lightroom On Tour seminar
Very excited to have added two more cities, and both are at the end of next month:

Richmond, VA on July 26th, 2017
Nashville on  July 28th, 2017

Snag your tickets right now and come out and spend the day with me learning Lightroom like a boss!

Have a great weekend everybody!



P.S. Yesterday they released a free update to Luminar, and it has an awesome new AI filter. Yes, I included it in my class, and I gave it a nickname. I call it “The make everything look better slider.” 🙂  More on this later, but go get the upgrade if you use Luminar. They added a lot of stuff and improved performance big time for some of the tools.