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Google Makes The Entire Nik Collection of Plug-ins For Lightroom FREE!!!!


OK, it’s not just for Lightroom — it works in Photoshop, too but that’s not the point. The entire Nik Collection (of awesome special effects plugins) is now F-R-Double E — FREE!!!

You can go and download it right now (did I mention it’s free? Well, it is, and it was $150 until yesterday, but now it’s free…like a bird. A free bird! Sorry, I could’t resist).

I did a Q&A on the whole thing, and what this all means, over on my blog today, so if you click this link you can go check it out and it will hopefully answer a lot of your questions.

My thanks to the folks at Google for making this plug-in available for free to photographers everywhere!

Hope you all have a very effected day (see what I did there?).



P.S. I’m doing my seminar in Boston next Wednesday – hope to see you there! 

P.S.S. A big thanks to everybody who came out to my talks in Birmingham, UK earlier this week – met a lot of folks there who read this blog (that was a kick!), and very grateful to everyone who came out. Cheers. 🙂