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New Survey Shows Most Photographers Use Lightroom For Editing. Not a Big Surprise, but…

… 82% of the photographers in a recent poll on the popular Shotkit.com site use either Lightroom (58%) or Photoshop (22%) or both for their editing. That means a whole lot of photographers use Photoshop and/or Camera Raw as their main editing tool, and to me, that is a big surprise. What are they using to organize their images? Bridge? Ugh.

That all sounds about right, but the most surprising, and honestly most puzzling/frustrating/mind-boggling, is why some folks said they still won’t use Lightroom. That’s right; they don’t like paying a subscription. It’s been ten years, folks. 10 years since Adobe went to the subscription model, but some folks are still that stubborn, digging in their heels. The whole world is going or is in the process of subscription, and these folks want to use Lightroom, but they’re like, “Nope! I’ll pay a monthly fee for everything else in my life, but for some reason, this is where I draw the line.”

I guess they think by holding out, they are somehow “sticking it to the man,” but I have bad news for them. “The Man” has over 26 MILLION Creative Cloud subscribers and growing. Perhaps it’s time to let. It. Go. Just a thought.

Anyway, the results overall are interesting and worth a look, and here’s the link if you’ve got a minute. Thanks to Mark and the crew a Shotkit for sharing these insights. I love seeing the data; they did a great job gathering and sharing it.

One more thing…

Thanks to everyone who came out to my keynote presentation at B&H Photo’s awesome OPTICWEST Conference out in Monterey this week. I did a blog post about a particular part of that really stuck with me. The post is called “I am not a nature photographer (but I played one on a Whale Watch cruise).” Here’s the link.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Enjoy your time in Lightroom. 🙂