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New Online Class: Learn Lightroom CC In One Hour

Hi, gang – just a heads up – I recorded a training class to get photographers who are interested in the new cloud-storage based “Lightroom CC” up and running fast. It’s called “learn Lightroom CC in One Hour” (though just between us, the total class length is 1-hr, 10-minutes long but that is including the class intro, wrap up, extraneous stuff – the training part really comes in for a landing at just under one-hour-ish).

Here are the details:

Who: Your instructor is yours truly
What: Just-released class on new cloud storage version of Lightroom (called Lightroom CC)
Where: Here’s the link
When: It’s available today
Why: Cause there are people out there who want to store their images in the cloud and stop worrying about backing up and image management

Just to be extra clear, this is NOT a class on the version of Lightroom we’ve all been using for years, now called “Lightroom Classic” – this is the version of Lightroom launch last October.

Hope you find that helpful, and we’ll see ya here tomorrow. 🙂