How to Create a Shallow Depth of Field Effect in Lightroom (and our Black Friday deals)

Hey gang. I’m pretty excited about this tip — it’s so easy, but the results are great (and there’s a couple of other Lightroom tips I snuck in there along the way).

Hey, before you watch the video: today is “Black Friday” and we’ve got our best deal of the year on a 1-year annual Membership to KelbyOne online Lightroom training (just $149), and a killer deal on a full conference pass to the Photoshop World 2017 Conference (held at the Orance County Convention Center, April 20-22, Orlando, Florida). Get your tickets right now and SAVE $300!!!! (Crazy, I know, but it’s only until Monday — again, our best price of the year). Here’s the link to the deals. OK, now you can watch the video.

That is one you just have to try for yourself. Hope you find it helpful.


Speaking of helpful (wink), wouldn’t it be helpful if I posted the link to our Black Friday Cyber deals? Oh yes it would (well, that’s what I’m thinkin’ anyway). Here’s the link.

Hope you all have an awesome Black Friday (and that you’re recuperating from all that turkey), and we’ll see ya back here on Monday for more Lightroom love!





  1. Barbara 25 November, 2016 at 11:06 Reply

    Hi Scott, what Lightroom version do I have to be on in order to follow your tutorial? I’m on Lightroom 5 and I don’t have that little brush next to “new” and “edit”, nor the duplicate feature when right-clicking onto the little button at the active gradiant filter. Mmmm, could you please shine some light?

    Thanks – otherwise great tutorial, as always 😀

  2. Dennis Zito 25 November, 2016 at 08:21 Reply


    Now that is cool!! I knew you could redo a Local Adjustment, but I didn’t know your little Trick! I’ll be using that a lot!



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