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Adobe Releases New Features for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile

Big news for Lightroom CC users — Adobe just announced the 2015 Release of the Creative Cloud, and in it came some very awesome new features for Lightroom Mobile, and for Lightroom on the desktop. 

They introduced a very cool new feature (which Adobe already kind of “sneak peeked”) for Lightroom on the Desktop, and they made a big improvement to one of its existing features. NOTE: these new features are only available in Lightroom CC — they will not be added to Lightroom 6 (as RC and I mentioned to death at the initial launch just a few months ago). 

We’ll start with the Lightroom for your Mobile Device stuff, because they’re pretty substantial: First, they added three Develop Module features from Lightroom Desktop to the mobile version, and they implemented them in a very clever way (from a User Interface standpoint).


The Color/B&W panel is here! 
You know it, you love it, you can’t live without it, and now it’s in Lightroom Mobile’s Adjust panel: Just swipe upward on the tiles and you’ll see all three new features (note the little icon on the far left that lets you know which set of controls you’re seeing. This is a mobile version of the HSL panel, and also, check out the on-screen controls for adjusting each individual color (you can do it even after you convert to black and white as seen here). You just click and drag the HSL sliders where you want them, right on screen.


How ‘bout them Vignettes!
Coming straight to you from the Effects panel in the Develop Module, it’s the same controls that do the same thing. Glad to see them here (you access them the same way — swipe up/down on the row of Adjustment Tiles).


The Mighty Tone Curve
I honestly did not expect to see this one here so soon, but it is, and it’s very cleverly implemented — right on screen. Note: I put the thin white box around it is just to make it easier for you to see —  there isn’t an outline around it — it just blends right in nicely. Just tap on screen and drag the curve up or down, and you can drag the sliders underneath the curve the same way.

Video in InSync (see what I did there?)
Another new feature:  now you can add videos you took on your camera or tablet; add them to LR Mobile, and they will sync back to your Desktop Lightroom.

OK, that’s the big stuff for Lightroom on your mobile device. On to the Desktop features:


The Dehaze (or add haze) Effect
This is the one Adobe sneak-peeked, and it’s actually pretty darn slick, and anyone who shoot underwater photography, or takes shot at an aquarium, or just shoots on hazy days will so love this. It cuts through haze amazingly well (and it doesn’t just add really ol’ contrast — it’s its own brand of contrast that works particularly well for this type of stuff). It’s found at the bottom of the Effects panel.


If you drag the Dehaze slider to the left, it becomes the “add haze” slider (see above right).



One more big thing for Desktop (see above)
The Whites & Blacks sliders have been added to the Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter and Radial Filter. Sa-weet! 🙂

Well, that’s a quick look at what’s new in the 2015 Creative Cloud update from Adobe (there’s Photoshop CC stuff, too — Camera Raw got the Dehaze filter and the Whites & Blacks sliders in the Adjustment Tools so it stays consistent when working between LR and PS).

We’re posting a Photoshop CC 2015 update launch center later today, and I’ll share that link when it goes live.

Have a great “we got new stuff” kinda Lightroom day!