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Monday Presets – Dark Web Presets

For those of you who followed Friday’s post, I’m happy to report that the Christmas Tree (yes, I said “Christmas”) tree is up. Casualties: 4 glass ornaments, 1 argument between my wife and I on tree placement, 2 large scratches on my arm from placing the tree (my wife won), and 1 tormented black cat (I think my kids kept trying to poke him with the ornament hooks). 🙂
Now… let’s get to the Monday preset. This week I’m making two of my custom web gallery templates available. I like black. I think it’s sleek and elegant. Lightroom comes with a couple of black “midnight” web gallery presets but they have one problem (OK, a few). The light color areas in them are too bright. Mainly, I can’t stand the cell rollovers on the Lightroom “Midnight” template. Nothing screams loud and obtrusive like they do. Also, it totally turns off the grid. I’m just not crazy about seeing the photos floating on the page like that. I like grid – I’ve embraced the grid – I’ve become one with the grid. Actually, I just think it brings order to the page. Next, the Midnight preset also turns off the Cell Numbers setting so you don’t see any numbers on the cells. I’m all for that except when it comes to client proofing. It makes it harder for some one to tell you which photo they like best. So my version has the numbers the same color as the cells except when you rollover. They become visible (albeit barely) so a client can easily tell you which ones they want. I’ve also included a darker flash template then the one that comes with Lightroom. Again, the default preset was a good start but other areas were just too bright.

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Midnight Web presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.