Lightroom Tips

Friday Tip – Developing with the Histogram

Here’s one of those “Holy Crap!!! I never knew that!” tips. First, it’s a Develop module tip so you’ll have to be in the Develop module to use it. Next, it’s a Histogram tip so you’ll have to know where the Histogram is to use it (it’s in the top right of the Develop module). OK, now that we have that behind us check it out. You can develop your photos visually with the Histogram. Just hover your cursor over areas of the Histogram and you’ll see sections become highlighted. Each section (there are 4 total) corresponds to a slider in the Basic panel. On the far left is Blacks, then Fill Light, then Exposure, and finally Recovery. Once your cursor is there just drag to the left or right to adjust that setting on the histogram directly. How’s that for some Friday coolness? Enjoy your weekend (we’re putting our Christmas tree, or the politically correct “Holiday Tree”, up so I know I’ll enjoy mine).