Lightroom Presets

Monday Presets – Cross Process

It’s Monday again and you know what that means? Yep, Monday Night Football tonight! 🙂 No… seriously, it means another preset today. This week I’m sharing my cross processing effect preset. If you’re not sure what cross processing is and want to be thoroughly confused then check out this link from Wikipedia. After you read it you’ll either be a) asleep or b) enlightened to the roots of where this effect came from or, c) wondering why my Photoshop User TV co-host Dave Cross wasn’t credited or mentioned (considering this effect does, of course, have his name in it). One quick note about this preset. It’s intended to be applied after you’ve already done your basic Toning adjustments (Exposure and Blacks). So have at it and give the cross process effect a try.
Download the Cross Process preset here.