Lightroom Tips

Friday Tip – The Hover Tip

I love demoing this tip in front of crowds because it always incites lots of oooos and ahhs. I call it the “Hover anywhere” tip. One of the things that’s always a pain is when you have to actually apply a setting, only to find that you don’t like it. Then you’ve got to press Ctrl/Cmd – Z to undo. In Lightroom, there’s quite a few places that you can preview what your photo is going to look like by just hovering your cursor over a setting or your photo. For example, in Develop, if you select the White Balance Selector eyedropper thingee and hover around your photo, Lightroom will display a preview of what it would look like if you selected it, in the top left of the screen (the Navigator panel). Same thing goes for presets. Hover over any preset in any module and you’ll see the preview appear in the Navigator panel (or Preview panel, depending on which module you’re in). It even works for history states in Develop. You can see what your photo would look like if you went back in history just by hovering over that history state. So… if you just said oooo or ahhh then you’re one of the people I love to have in the crowd. It just makes me feel good… needed… important… wanted… fulfilled… 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!