Happy Monday to you. I’ve got an interesting group of presets for you today but first I wanted to thank my friend Jeff Revell of Photo Walk Pro for hosting a photo walk in Washington DC this past Saturday. I had an absolute blast and met some really great people.

OK, on to the preset (or should I say presets). You’re going to love this one. Not more then me though, because I’m taking the week off (from presets that is, not work). Nick Tsakiris from www.protographytx.com sent a message last week about some presets that he’s offering for free. “Free Presets?”, I said. I was pretty skeptical because anyone offering presets for FREE must be one really cool guy 😉 Anyway, Nick sent a message and included a link. I downloaded them and I have to say that they’re really really good. They definitely get my seal of approval which is why I’m putting them here. So go try Nick’s presets by downloading them here. There’s around 18 of them in the package and they’re well worth installing.

Thanks again to Jeff for hosting the photo walk and to Nick for helping give me the week off from presets (I’m really not as lazy as I sound) 🙂 Have a great day!