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Friday (video) Tip on Folders and Importing

First off, if you didn’t check out the online photo shoot from yesterday ( you’ve got to do it. It’s really cool. Next…
I’ve seen quite a few comments/suggestions to cover more on folders and importing your photos. I started out writing this as a tip and it quickly grew into a long post so I figured it was just easier to make a video out of it. The one question I get a lot when I’m teaching Lightroom is how to store your photos into folders when importing. There’s a few options and if you start out wrong then you can quickly make a mess out of your library and make it difficult to find things later. So this is the first video (probably more to come) about the topic and my take on trying to make things easier for you. That said, make sure you get into the comment area and share your thoughts on how you import and your organization structure. It think it’ll be cool for everyone to see some other ideas.

Well that wraps up another week. I’ve got a quick trip tomorrow that will hopefully spawn some good photos to see next week so keep your fingers crossed. Have a great one!

PS: Don’t forget, I’m still signing copies of my Photoshop Layers book for anyone who buys it from Kelby Training’s website so go ahead and get one before my hand gives out. 🙂 See ya.

Click here to watch the video. (13Mb)