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Live White Balance Previews in Lightroom

Hi Gang – hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July Weekend.

Here’s another quick tip for Lightroom beginner’s tip (but again, this one might have slipped past even a few more advanced users because it’s not real obvious), but it’s now to get a live preview of your white balance when using the White Balance eyedropper. Here’s how to get it:


When you’re using the White Balance Selector tool (the eyedropper found in the top left corner of the Basic panel), if you leave the Left Side panels open and in particular the Navigator panel open, as you move the eyedropper cursor over different parts of your image, it shows you a preview in that Navigator window of what your White Balance would look like if you clicked at that particular spot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…if Adobe has the technology to show you an on-screen preview of your white balance before you choose it…why don’t they just do that in the main window itself, instead of making us keep an entire side panel open, and use a very small preview? That’s what you’re thinking, right? Me, too! (insert long pause here).

Anyway, there ya have it – a quickie for beginners.

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