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Lightroom Tip – Facebook and Flickr Commenting

First off, don’t forget that Kelby Training is having a huge sale on DVDs. I’ve done a bunch of titles over there and you can pick up some pretty good deals right now. There’s a some there for $9.99, and a lot of them (like my Mastering Color for Photoshop CS4) are still perfectly applicable for CS5. Look at it this way, you’re bound to get at least one out of a DVD to make it worth $9.99 (but you’ll probably get more). OK, on to the tip:

You probably know by now that Lightroom 3 has Facebook and Flickr integration in it. Just go to the Library module, on the left side, and scroll down to the Publish Services panel. You can post photos to a Facebook or Flickr account right from within Lightroom. But I always find that a lot of people miss a really cool feature that goes along with this. Comments. Yup, you can read/add comments that go along with the photos you post in Lightroom too. It’s the bottom-most panel on the right side in the Library module and it’s called the Comments panel (go figure 🙂 ). Anyway, if you post to Facebook and Flickr you know you can’t resist comments. I’m not the only one that goes in and hits refresh every 5 minutes right? Anyway, now you can refresh and see/add comments without ever even leaving Lightroom. How’s that for convenience? Have a great weekend everyone!