Lightroom Tips

100 Way Lightroom Kicks Bridges Ass! (for photographers)

Last week, Scott Kelby mentioned a whole bunch of Lightroom learning resources that we, over at Kelby Media Group, have. One of them was a brand new mega-tutorial-thingee that Scott and I recorded recently. It’s called 100 Ways That Lightroom Kicks the Bridges Ass for Photographers. The idea originally came from Scott when he and I were talking about the inevitable “Why should I use Lightroom if I already have Bridge” question we get. Instead of doing a long exhaustive video of the differences between LR and Bridge, Scott came up with this idea instead.

On the site, you’ll find 100 short (some are just 30 seconds, some are 2 minutes) videos that go over ways that Lightroom kills the Bridge if you’re a photographer. Even if you’re already a happy Lightroom user, take a look. I bet you’ll pick up a tip or two. Here’s the link. Stop by and let me know what you think.